We hope to NEVER sound unkind,  BUT,  Scripture is sharp like a sword, and has unkind threats. 

In fact, we are being kind to remind you that absolutely the most dangerous emotion is jealousy ! ,
and YaHUaH is very jealous about His Name. Ex. 20:5 ; 23:13   Do you really dare to fool with that ?

If you hope to get up into YaHUShUA's Kingdom by cheating, He says you are a thief & a robber.  Jn.10:1
One can even learn to spell the Name of Elohim perfectly, YET STILL DIE, -DAMNED !  2Cor.3:6

Scripture asserts at least 23 different admonitions & mandates to establish the Grandeur of His Name !

Did you comprehend that, - or not ?    
Some of them are : 
Believe/Bless/Call-Upon/Declare/Fear/Glorify/Know/Love/Praise/Profane-Not/Reverence/Speak-In/Trust !
List is compiled & published by Elder Chuck Henry in his book,  Concordance: Scriptures on the Name. 

Politically Correct "Wimps"  (i.e. weak men-pleasers) 
hide His Name, and will naturally hide like cowards during an attack.
The "MAN OF WAR" showed His contempt for cowards.  Exodus 15:3 
YaHUaH decreed a slow death on cowardly jews and left them to rot in the wilderness. Num.14:32,33
Don't you understand ?  Beginning in Eden, Heylel was sly and used a misquote to do infinite injury !
You who turn away from His Name are prodigal (traitorous) with a bad day in your future before Him.
You spiritually-dead-ones can't care, but some here weep when we talk about the danger you are in.
Philippians 3:18 ; Ezekiel 9:4 ; Job 42:10 

Our talk may sound rough, but it really is the same you would also use to defend your own Father.
  A few Bible threats apply to us sponsors, too: It is to love you as much as we warn you. 1Cor.13

NOTE: this format typeset is very unusual, -to draw some attention to a very unwanted truth. 
We are trying to convey conviction and persuade men everywhere toward YAH's Name.
"My Holy Name" is so unwanted that
GOOGLE  is almost never asked to search for it.

Politically Correct men-pleasers have Pontius Pilate as a chief example. Jn.19:12
They persist to use Yeshua due to their itsy-bitsy peer fear !  FEAR>>Rev.21:8 
REMEMBER: If you don't care what HE says, you ain't goin' where HE is.  OK ? 

You won't read all our website, so we do sprinkle some repeated warnings.
 Weak Men-Pleasers don't even understand all this, much less affirm us.

Jewish people always avoid the use of the name YAH, and nowdays
so do all the "dull followers" in churchianity.  They all avoid even
the true Hebrew name YAHUDIM, to avoid the prefix of "YAH".
Even translators complied.   See Strong's: H#3050 - H#3092

With all due respect to Jewish people,   -you must listen
first to the Holy Spirit and to "jots & tittles" HE honors.  
Then decide who exalts YaHUaH better: us or "Jews".
(and our website is proof that we do obey Rev.18:4)

We here are DELIGHTED ! that the latest & greatest
Bible called CEPHER, F I N A L L Y spells the Father's
Name our way thousands & thousands & thousands
of times. 

Other wonderful Hebrew Roots websites
have changed from the silly Yeshua to YaHUShUA.
We are delighted & rejoiced that they changed.

But when WE OURSELVES changed,
we expressed much more
godly sorrow for
being wrong.

Nearly 3,000 different people are named in Scripture.
Dozens of names were used and re-used by dozens
of men.  Dozens begin with Father's Name: YaHu.
Holy Name opponents can again be silenced by
the latest, greatest Bible, CEPHER, 1480 pages.
We here are DELIGHTED that those 27 names
(used and re-used by so many Bible people)
all appear in CEPHER and begin as: "Yahu".
It complies with
"YAHU" which we teach.
(Bro. Allen & the Holy Spirit taught us.)
But it has been a somewhat lonesome

20 yrs as a Holy Name "Champion" !

This new edition of Scriptures has

brought relief. The CEPHER Bible

was published which confirms

  & encourages us very much.
 Men-pleasers & hirelings
  act like cowards about

this truth.
This Sword
points you
  YaHUShUA !!

(You are scheduled to kneel-down to His   TRUE   Name  [either in admiration or in shame]!)  Philip. 2:10 KJV 
(No wonder "G-d Almighty" is sorry He ever made you, if you don't even want His Name.) Gen.6:6 ; Rom.1:28 KJV  
So . . . . "The wicked watcheth the righteous and seeketh to slay him."   Ps.37:32 KJV 
So . . . . "The righteous watcheth the wicked and seeketh to save him."  HEROYAHU


    W    E    B    S    I    T    E         T    O    P    I    C    S    

You were born with an ugly Birth Defect called a "DEAD spirit component".  Eph. 2:1,5 ; 1 Tim.5:6
The "Silver Bullet" to kill your screeching denial is The Ten Commandments.  1Jn.3:4b
If you don't care what He says, -you ain't goin' where He is.   OK ?
"Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish."  Luke 13:3,5 !

Hear the word of YaHUaH, ye that tremble at his word;
Your brethren that hated you, that cast you out for my name’s sake,
said, "Let THE LORD be glorified" :
but He shall appear to your joy,
and they shall be ashamed.
 "When He, the Spirit of Truth, is come, He will guide you into   all truth: "  Jn.16:13

"Also the sons of the stranger,
  that join themselves to YaHUaH, 
  to serve him, and to love the name of YaHUaH, to be his servants,  
  every one that keepeth the sabbath from polluting it,
  and taketh hold of my covenant; . . . . ."   Isaiah 56:6

----who cares ?


 Scriptures indicate your probability of disinterest, 
 but seekers like Acts 15:17-21 are grateful.
John 17:11,12a 
Scripture teaches: we profit one way if you desire this, and if not, we profit a different way !
We bring you the true names of Elohim Almighty and of His Son, (and of your predator).
If you do not desire it, it becomes a warning ; if you do, it is wonderful scriptural truth.

"My Holy Name" is like "food" for His sheep, Jn.21:17. But it's not endearing to a goat.
There has never been a sensible Scriptural Disproof of "YaHUaH" from any challenger !
      Our "Theologians" who consented to critique this for errors, finally just “gave-up" !!!  :-))
If you disagree with this, the burden of proof shifts to YOU, to prove His true name.
"There is . . now no condemnation to them which are in . .YaHUShuA . ." Rom.8:1
But a stubborn preference for a meaningless alias, has consequences.  Matt.25:28
This is not to pursuade your mind but to help the Holy Spirit appeal to your spirit.
Martin Luther saw & declared the Bible Way of Salvation and started a revolution.
We here see & declare the - True Names of Elohim - and also start a revolution.
"My Holy Name" is such great Truth that unrepentance about it is great offense.
Visitors, students, commenters indicate these teachings of His Name are true.
Feel free to discern whether this is "an accuser of the brethren" or Titus 2:15
Be careful.  Slander sows discord and makes you an abomination !!  Pr.6:19
 Our offset format is to help "this hidden truth" be easier to Read & Discern. 
Truth here is especially for you visitors who inherited lies !!  Jer.16:19 - 21
Evidently, we are chosen, to restore and declare YaH's Name.  Matt.20:16
His Word is a "hammer" Jer.23:29 ! He "hammers" His Name 7000 times.
Working as our "Brother's Keeper" , - yes we do "hammer" for His Name.
Worldwide-avoidance leaves only a few of us to "bravely" declare "YaH" !
We would rather be discussing affections than these warnings. Promise.
We tell you more "for free" than the plagiarists of us tell you for $$$ !
But be smart !   Copy & keep this before we cannot afford to publish.
You LukeWarm are no match for spirit-filled defenders of His Name ,
in either desire-for-truth or brotherly-love !   We exult in His Truth.
Opinionated bullies abound, yet possess less proof than "YaH" !
[As Messiah's Ambassadors (2Cor.5:20) we hereby convey
His "hot displeasure" that His Name is diminished.]
So pursue all this truth with "hunger & thirst",
(not with some mere reluctant agreement)
and with real brotherly love and obedience.
||Ex.12:2|||||1 John 4:1|||||Ex.3:15|| 
Perverted Scriptures and their Hirelings, will hurt you.
YaHUaH asserts His Name like a decisive test for Hirelings !
"Here we stand.  We can do no other.  Elohim help us !  Amen."
  Unrepentant goats decline His Name as fast as He can offer it. Acts 4:17
Scripture does say to get their blood off our hands, -by warnings. Ez.3:18,19
Because Elohim requires "Spirit & Truth"!, we bring you priceless "Spirit & Truth".
  Rebels avoid Scripture like Hirelings avoid 1Kgs.19:11 (which declares His Name five times)
 "-but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever-" Deu.29:29b


F.Y.I. :
New Testament Imperatives
i.e. Brit Chadasha Imperatives

i.e.  John 1:12b !

  Eventually, this will list Scriptures now being compiled from the "New Testament"(Brit HaDasha).
His Name has been diminished by N.T. users.  Our list is working to correct that.  2Tim.3:16
If Scripture requires His Name as a component of Salvation, it is Matt.23:23 & Jn. 3:18 !!
"These signs shall follow them that believe . . . . . . . ." - Mark 16:17,18    REJOICE !!!
  Faith worketh by love (Gal.5:6) and love is supplemented by His Name (John 17:26).
Do you have it ?
"The JOY of YaHUaH is your strength" Ez.24:25d
(but leaders B.C & A.D. deprived you).
  Shame be on Authorities who diminish His Holy Name,
yet they repeatedly assert their own name.   Jn.3:30


Twelve times or more,
YaHUaH said, "My Holy Name".
In Ex.34:6 He declared His own Name with Joy & Exuberance !!
(Yet you or a billion others "couldn't care less" !)

One great brother in Cisco, Texas found about two dozen instructions
in Scripture that tell how to regard His Name.
About a dozen different verbs.
About a dozen different adjectives.
But who cares ?

"I, even I, am YaHUaH; beside me there is no Savior."(Rescuer) Is. 43:11
 Question:  Is the Plan of Salvation complete without Elohim's Name ?
Sneerers sneer, yet, YaHUShuA spoke John 3:18 and He ought to know.
Care-less sheep are fresh meat to a sly wolf or "Doctrine of Devils".
Care-less sheep are urged to "prove all things".   1 Thess. 5:21
Disobedient Religious Authorities 
even take HIS Name out of HIS Scriptures, 
then smugly expect their own name to 
  remain untouchable in HIS Book of Life ! 
S U R P R I S E !     Gen. 6:3 ; Prov. 29:1
  Ex.32:33; Ps.69:26,27,28; Rev.3:5b; Rev.1:1  

Disobedient Religious Authorities
is an odd term but it is easy to prove.
Scientific "proof" requires evidence that is
observable and verifiable and repeatable.
Well, here is your proof for that term.
Disobedient Religious Authorities
  would rather have His sheep of His flock
to be dumb, unprotected, and more susceptible
to devil possession than to teach "My Holy Name".
  But we preach "My Holy Name"
and we infer that Rev.3:11 plans to 
transfer crowns
from the less-obedient to the more-obedient.
They could have told you what I am left to tell you.
During Water Baptism and other occasions they say,
"In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit."
Worldwide, millions and millions of times they have said that.
So I would ask them, "What is that Name (singular, not plural) ? " 
FYI, there is such a Name and some Seminary-Judas should have told you ! 
It is "Yah" !, as in Hallelu-YAH, and means "The Self-Existent One".
Their problem is that if they exalted His Name
  they would have to share their pulpit with Him.
Pulpit rascals did begin using it to be trendy,
  but don't admit to any shame or guilt.  

Disobedient Religious Authorities
is an odd term but it is easy to prove.
Scientific "proof" requires evidence that is
observable and verifiable and repeatable.
Well, here is some proof for that term.
 Disobedient Religious Authorities
provably prefer to have a president who is
pro-abortion, pro-homo, against Defense of Marriage,
Koran-observant, Shariah-advocate, Allah-worshipping
more than obey 2Chr.7:14, and be called YaHUDIM ! 
[[ The sly do slip by, unnoticed ! ]]

  Malachi  2:2,3 ; Acts 4:12 ; 2 Cor.2:10,11,12 ; Matt. 23:39 
 "Give unto YaHUaH the glory due unto His Name; . . . ."  Ps. 29:2
"O magnify YaHUaH with me, and let us exalt His Name together !"  Ps.34:3
YaH's Name & Title & Pronoun are all different, but some co-exist in about 100 verses !
INFALLIBLE CLAIM: a heart-to-heart rapport with Abba will care about His Name, YaHUaH !
INFALLIBLE BOAST: He plans to get every rebel's attention,whatever it takes. Ps.44:8, Rom.14:11
INFALLIBLE WARNING: you're a rebel to  Luke 10:27 &  Deu.6:5 & 11:1 &  Rom.9:17,  if you won't do it.     
INFALLIBLE TRUTH:  Bible bastards, Heb.12:8, would impose "INEFFABLE" contrary to Ex.9:16 & Rom.9:17  
INFALLIBLE TRUTH: The masses deprived of His Name cannot glorify & exalt it until it is restored & declared ! 
INFALLIBLE TRUTH:  "Jesus's" & "Joshua's" names are spelled alike and originate in Num.13:16 & Deu.3:21    
INFALLIBLE TRUTH:  To "hunger & thirst after righteousness" includes a desire for the Ten Commandments.   
INFALLIBLE TRUTH:  School kids can exert more insight in these matters, - than well-paid, fool, menpleasers.  
INFALLIBLE TRUTH:  You who desire & declare & defend His Name, are under the influence of the Holy Spirit !

Looking back, it is a grief to see how we poured out love & gifts
to certain Religious Authorities for years
but when we finally learned YaHUaH's Name and told them, 
their friendliness changed to 'virtually estranged',
and we lost those "investments" in them.
One nice thing was that those pains explained & confirmed Matt.7:6a ! 
Woe unto them that obstructed the intent of  John 17:26  &  Mark 16:17b.


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