1. BARUCH HABA BESHEM YaHUaH !  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ps.118:26 ; Matt.23:39
  2. BARUCH         HABA             BESHEM      YaHUaH ! . . . . . . Ps.118:26 ; Matt.23:39
  3. Blessed is he who cometh in the Name of  YaHUaH ! . . . . . . Ps.118:26 ; Matt.23:39
  4. BARUCH HABA BESHEM ADONAI: sly, UN-scriptural substitute !!  Jer.23:26 ; Is.65:2 ; Jer.9:14 ; Matt.23:39
  5. Both, out-at-big-crowds & here-on-the-web, YaH's Love & Warnings are to be to conveyed IN the Spirit of Love.
  6. And it hurts our heart if sweet friends feel bruised !   Yet understanding this truth should be "love at first sight" !
  7. A righteous heart, seeking truth, won't need all the persuasion here, nor have unloving reactions. Jer.23:27
  8. Study with us about YaHUaH's delights.     (Detractors study me, -like I'm more important !!!  Ps.118:17,18)
  9. Contrary detractors don’t dare dispute us "in writing" then be shamed by His Word & His Spirit !   Heb.4:12  
  10. Our detractors show less Scripture & Love to Glorify & Exalt & Magnify His Name !  Ps.29:2 ; 34:3 ; Ac.19:17
  11. Giggling-growling detractors are not qualified to care about His Name.    Affection & Growth are very private.    
  12. "Who art thou that judgest another man's servant ??    To his own master he standeth or falleth !"    Rom.14:4
  13. "things which happened unto me have fallen out rather unto the furtherance of the gospel" Ph.1:12 ; Rev.3:7,8  
  14. Other converts could describe these things better than me, but if they decline, they lose;  i.e. forfeiture is real.
  15. The Holy Spirit & we are doing all we can in this for you. For all eternity it will be true that:  We tried to tell You.
  16. We risk much time & money here, but you lukewarm & cynical critics lose more than that, ---for-all-eternity.
  17. Old men, with a white beard, on "borrowed time", are glad they didn't wait for sly "men" to tell them this Truth. 
  18. As dba St. Min. for Jesus (USRegTm) for 27 yrs, we've told many big crowds:  Realize !  Repent !  Receive !
  19. "Dead Serious" (beside Noah) means if you WON'T care what He says, you WON'T go where He is.   Ac.4:12
  20. If you are lukewarm toward YaHUShuA's sayings (Lu.14:24a) (as you are His Name), you'll be vomit.  Rev.3:16
  21. Warnings like this, by Elohim Almighty, are required to be “dead serious”.  Ez.33:8 ; Titus 3:10 ; Mk.9:43- ! 48
  22. If Moses & "the Chiefest Apostle"  (Gal.2:11),  can be corrected, then also the Scripture translators !  2Tim. 3:16
  23. Scriptural warnings here can sound unkind, --yet be valuable, 2Sam.12:7a.    [ We would serve you kindly .]
  24. Jude 1:3b teaches us to 'be contentious' defending our Basics, like defending our True Love from Danger !
  25. Wolves, swine, snakes, bastards, vomit, roadkill:   Bible-view of you unrepentant sort. Rev.3:16 ; 1Kg.13:28
  26. Screamers outside Noah's Ark were disposable with the roaches because no love was lost !  Jn. 3:18; Gen.7:21
  27. YaH was tortured-to-death for filthy men who prefer football scores more than their Rescuer's Name ! Rev.22:11
  28. If your father's name gets smeared, diminished or despised, wouldn't you speak up to protect it ?  Ps.22:22a
  29. The devil's brood (Jn. 8:44) , like brute beasts (2 Pet. 2:12) , won't care about their father or his REAL name.
  30. Ministers have sputtered at me : “Restoring His Name “causes divisions””.   [funny !]     Matt.17:11; Rom.16:17
  31. In wrongly “dividing the Word of Truth”, Dullards say YaHUShuA's sacrifice eliminated: Ex.12:2 ; [3:15+20:16] 
  32. Halleluia means WHAT??   [Your Scriptural ignorance is repulsive like a big open wound.]  Lu.19:41,42 ; 24:25
  33. Worldwide, scornful-Churchettes are indifferent-to or hostile-to His Name. (Blame “who?”)  Jer.23:27 ; Is.56:11
  34. Sly “men” who offer a substitute thing resemble Bible characters who got struck dead.   Lev.10:2 ; Acts 5:5,6
  35. Sly “men” will be held responsible for anguish caused by their “converts” who sneered about “My Holy Name” ! 
  36. The oldest sin in The Book is by some creature pretending to speak for the Creator, but is a willing LIAR !
  37. That name “JESUS” is used for salvation by grace, but His mom never even heard that hybrid, undefined idiom.
  38. Restoration-obstructors consent to mis-quotations of His Name !   Matt.23:39 ; Mk.12:29 ; Lu.4:8 ; Rev.15:4 
  39. Dubious “converts”, in “countless” conversations, sputter a wall of resistance against His Name. Isaiah 63:19  
  40. It's “social suicide” at work to assert Scripture and “social suicide” at church to assert YaHUShuA !   Jn.15:21
  41. Is it right to let churchjokers into a heaven who willfully diminish the Owner's Name ?  Jn.10:1 ;  Rom.9:17d
  42. His Name appears nearly 2000 places before Jerusalem is ever even mentioned, yet “Authorities” hide it !
  43. We've heard great sermons that tell or yell about everything, except warnings for diminishing His Name !
  44. In Ex.23:13 YaHUaH forbade our speaking names of other “gods”.  Heylel (Lucifer): mentioned only once.
  45. So Ex.23:13 forbids: ”LORD GOD THE POPE” !     Tit. XIV, Cap. IV. Ad Callem Sexti Decretalium, Paris, 1685 
  46. You Hated Nicolaitanes, -diminish our Rescuer's Name (& agony) and care even less about our names.  Is.63:19
  47. You hated Nicolaitanes are identifiable. We see you loving preeminence & grasping for authority.  Rev.2:15
  48. You beloved Servants are identifiable.   We see you scripturally edifying & comforting.  Jn.14:26 ; Jn.15:26
  49. You endangered Lukewarm (cynical about His standards) hobble your own growth, like a BONSAI. 1Cor.14:38 !
  50. Our Rescuer, (among us as Love itself), was First a “wonderful counselor” (edifier), and Last , - a scolder.
  51. Torah(Law) did change by LOVE, but LOVE is still defined by Torah. Heb.7:12; Jn.14:15 ; Matt.28:20
  52. Lesser Commandments imposed a death penalty; the greater Comm. (for His Name) is snubbed.   John 17:12
  53. Scripture prescribes about two dozen actions & honors specifically for His Name. But who cares ?   Heb.2:1
  54. Only a few of us here on planet earth will ever use or defend His Name, and even less will examine its origins !
  55. Simple doctrine preserves YaHUaH's Name. Ex.3:15 Adam & Eve kept it.   Will you spurn it ?   2Tim.4:3
  56. If you publicly downgrade His Name [ “YaH” (the Self-Existent One) ] , -- then yours deserves the same.
  57. Your Blotting His Name out of His scriptures, risks your name out from His Book of Life !!    Rev.22:19
  58. Lukewarm types (I Cor.14:38), lose forever, the chance to learn truth about His Name and to speak for YaH !
  59. Lukewarm “converts” usually “break fellowship” and “dust off their feet” rather than care about Ps.96:8a !
  60. “. . . the time of the end . . . . knowledge shall be increased.” Dan. 12:4             Is that rocket science only ?
  61. Tradition suppresses His Great Name, then, slanders us who obediently glorify & exalt it beyond tradition !
  62. Tradition hid it thousands of years, and now forfeits the authority to declare the intent of the Holy Spirit !
  63. Hebrew Tradition, whose “letter killeth”, resists & resents our glorifying “YaHUaH”.   2 Cor.3:6c; 1 Sam.17:45
  64. Orig. Heb. Script (& we) proclaim “YaH” & “YaHUaH” in thousands & thousands & thousands of places !
  65. Use the Torah (Law) for Admonitions and as a help to Acceptable Worship. 1Cor.10:11; Rev.11:18 ; Prov.28:9
  66. Rulers rule kingdoms with Rules which begin with His Name or Title. Gen.1:1, 4:1,26; Ex.20:2; Matt.24:4
  67. Surely !  There's no irritable, contrary, antagonistic, unrepentant, anti-YaHUShuA rebels when facing death ! 
  68. Since that name Yeshua was common it would not have been hated so much as YaHUShuA !   Ac.4:18; 5:40 
  69. As with Annanias & Sapphira, Holy Spirit can pull weeds (tares) ,  or pull away, quietly,  -from a reprobate.
  70. Unrepentant people worldwide truly prefer to suffer avoidable misery than read Father's advice. Rom.1:32
  71. Thousands of thousands of Killers , proclaim the name of their god to the whole world, on their headbands.
  72. Savages send little children out to explode land mines but  they know their God's name.  Churches are dumb.
  73. Fiery TV preacher: “If you're not a leader now, neither will you be in heaven !”  (which disregards Matt. 5:19)
  74. Religious Authorities cannot understand Holiness factors: Is.44:18; -56:6;  Ex.20:2,7,8; -31:13 ; Rev.22:11
  75. Demotion threats, Death threats, Damnation threats, and Salvation threats revolve around His Name.
  76. Converts ! Contend for the faith !  (YaH's sword is like a machete for His name !) Ps.149:6; Jude.1:3; Lu.19:27 
  77. Gabriel, Pilate, demons, Ac.26:15 ; Heb.4:8,14 -all say “YaHUShuA” just like Moses in Nu.13:16 & Deu.3:21.
  78. Old Question:  W.W.J.D., - What Would Jesus Do ?  Answer: He would use His own Name !  YaHUShuA !
  79. Even if defiling your neighbor's wife !!! or YaHUaH's Name or Sabbath is NOT a sin, -it's still less noble !
  80. You are crooked , to avoid : Zaphenath-Paneah & Jerub-Baal & Belteshazzar, then prefer “Jesus”.  Phpp.2:15
  81. Holy Name-detractors  misunderstand this Truth we bring, and are good at name-calling.  Jn.15:21; Lu.21:12
  82. The persecution by mutilation overseas, makes persecution by scorn (against His Name) easy !     James.1:2
  83. YaH's promise in Is.56:5 looks absurd until you admit that some of his sons & daughters reject His Name !
  84. Disobedient Authorities study warfare of Body, Mind & Spirit, yet obliterate the Name of the Captain !  Heb.2:10
  85. Religious Jews preferred the criminal (Jn.18:39,40) like people now prefer Constantine the Sabbath "KILLER" !! 
  86. Religious Authorities (et al) were forbidden by ROME (29JUN08)to pray by imploring Elohim's Hebrew Name.
  87. Religious Authorities have proven to be dangerous to “My Holy Name”, and dangerous to countless Crypto-Jews !
  88. Religious Authorities don't care that the King will return and purge unauthorized names.  Ex.23:13 ; Zec. 14:9
  89. Religious Authorities need to heed Matt.5:19 as a warning to them about what they are truly poised to lose.
  90. Religious Authorities who hide His Name from “Christian Soldiers” resemble governments who disarm families.
  91. Religious Authorities hold mid-night prayer meetings Dec.31, to honor WICKED Gregory's calendar vs Ex.12:2 !
  92. Religious Authorities hide the real meaning of DEVIL then whine when folks exercise SLANDER.  Pr.26:20
  93. Religious Authorities give more accommodation to dangerous homos than to “My Holy Name”.  Dan.7:25a
  94. Religious Authorities give more accommodation to pagan Halloween than to “My Holy Name”.  Eph.4:27
  95. Religious Authorities give more accommodation to “graven images” than to “My Holy Name”. 1Jn.3:4 ; Ex.20:4 
  96. Religious Authorities COWER to petty frowns of petty peers more than to  The Word  set-up to Judge them !
  97. Religious Authorities compile contemptible "bibles" by omitting inspired words yet label them "HOLY".   Lu. 2:33
  98. Religious Authorities (et al) were forbidden by ROME (29JUN08) to pray by imploring Elohim's Hebrew Name.
  99. Religious Authorities set-up “Good Friday” by “the day of the week”.  YaH says: “day of the month” !  Ex.12:6
  100. Religious Authorities avoid “Thy kingdom come” because IT won't submit to their Name-Substitution.  Zec. 14:9
  101. Religious Authorities avoid “Thy kingdom come”.   IT will reverse Rome's Day of Rest !  Mic. 4:2b,3a ; Is. 2:1-4
  102. “Dogs”,  “cannot understand” Is.56:11, and are not to be given “My Holy Name” !  Matt.7:6a; 13:10; Jn.17:9
  103. They cannot understand us who “renew”(Rom.12:2), and prefer YaH's Name & TORAH & N.T. more than TV.
  104. They cannot understand: -the difference between the Old covenant (“which vanished away”) and the TORAH !
  105. They cannot understand: -Old Covenant vanished; TORAH remains quotable (Jer.31:31) & for profit Matt.5:19 ! 
  106. They cannot understand: -4th Beast Power(Matt.20:19; Dan.7:25);claims the change to Sunday ! Council Trent
  107. They cannot understand: -If calendar experts compute to 1/1000 day, -then ”jews” can surely count to seven.
  108. They cannot understand: -that “jews”, like the “wise men”, were expected to know Him: Dan.9:25; Lu.19:42
  109. They cannot understand: -Rom.8:29; Col.3:10; Matt.5:28 are  “the mastery” for us Priests&Kings.  Rom.14:all
  110. They cannot understand: -they're required to separate the clean from the unclean (maggots). Ez.22:26; 44:23
  111. They cannot understand: -they're required to separate the Menorah from Santa & Reindeer.  Ez.22:26 ; 44:23
  112. They cannot understand: -so, approve pigs & snakes at Yah's exquisite Marriage Supper of the Lamb ! 1Pet.1:16
  113. They cannot understand: -that blood-washed, grafted-in, chosen, adopted “gentiles” ARE Nazarene Israelites !
  114. They cannot understand: -“Nazarene Israelites” ARE members of tribes !!   Jer.31:31-36; Rev.21:12; Ez.47:22
  115. They cannot understand: -(or declare) four simple steps (calendar facts) which fix Lu.2:11 at “Tabernacles” !
  116. They cannot understand: -Gabriel's Dec. visit was private; Big Celebrations were deferred nine months. Lu.2:11
  117. They cannot understand: -or declare: Dec. 25th / Kislev 25th approximates Gabriel's visit , not Messiah's birth.
  118. They cannot understand: -modesty on Dec.25 is fine, but heaven celebrated with the angels at Tabernacles.
  119. They cannot understand: -forcing Dec.25 @ Lu.2:11 steals from His commemoration of Feast of Tabernacles. 
  120. They cannot understand: -that Gabriel in Lu.1:28 & the angel in Lu.2:11 both spoke Hebrew saying ”YaHUaH” !
  121. They cannot understand: -to study YaH's Appointed Times for guidance on His second coming: Lev.23:28-30.
  122. They cannot understand: -angels explained twice why His Name is YaH:  by role &  title:  Matt.1:21; Lu.2:11 .
  123. They cannot understand: -they prefer to use the devolved, demeaning substitute in Neh.8:17, instead of YaH !
  124. They cannot understand: -BornAgain ≠ Growth>  Heb.6:1; Acts 24:14  ;   righteous ≠ Holy > Rev.22:11 
  125. They cannot understand: -Jesus (Ac. 7:45 & 59 ! ) identical spellings in Greek demand identical in Hebrew !
  126. They cannot understand: -that “sin is STILL a transgression of the TORAH !”  Rom.3:31; -7:14 ; 1 John 3:4
  127. They cannot understand: -while they protest sin (SIN= to miss the target ) , -they themselves miss His Name.
  128. They cannot understand: -as they are bold to impose their errors, -overcomers shall be bolder,later! Rev.3:11
  129. They cannot understand: -they rebeled and “Fed not my flock” (Is.56:11)  about ”My Holy Name” !   Ez. 34:8
  130. They cannot understand: -Sunday is inferior to Sabbath;  'jesus' is inferior to YaHUShuA !           Ez. 20:20 !!
  131. They cannot understand: -most all Bibles since 1880 are influenced by two filthy, cursed perverts.   REPEAT !!
  132. They cannot understand:  the "so-called KJV center-verse" is Ps.103:1, which says to bless His Holy Name !|:o))
  133. They cannot understand: -all Ten Comm. get cited as perpetual in the New Covenant.    Rom.3:31; Rev.12:17
  134. They cannot understand: -YaH scatters His Israel by wrenching. Hos.6:1; Ez.4:13; Neh.1:8-11; Zec.10:6-9;13:9
  135. They cannot understand: -their own bold sin of preserving the Hebrew names of false gods and not YaH's !
  136. They cannot understand: -their disrespect (nor to fear damnation) for removing His Name. Rev.1:1; 22:18,19
  137. “Dogs”,  “cannot understand” Is.56:11, and are not to be given “My Holy Name” !  Matt.7:6a; 13:10; Jn.17:9
  138. “Dogs”,   pulpiteers & writers, now grab & parrot what we suffer to provide, with no heart to “give honor”.
  139. “Dogs”,   now follow popular trends to  His Real Name, but won't repent publicly for damages to us or you !
  140. Go ahead !!!  Try the spirit of a “dog” and see what you get.> 1Jn.4:1 “...by their fruits you shall know them.”
  141. They don't declare His Name (Rom.9:17d) ; they diminish it (Ex.30:7).      Some will be whipped (Lu.12:47) !
  142. The signboard by Roman Pontius Pilate declared “YaHUShuA” better than 2000 years of clamorous pulpiteers ! 
  143. YaH “cannot lie”, but pulpiteers & translators can & do: Deu.32:35 !     ”I am YaHUaH thy Elohim”    Ex.20:2
  144. All this is best understood by born again people.    You Lukewarm & Stubborn choose ignorance.     Job 17:4
  145. King Jehoiakim & Jehudi (ex. Bible rebels) cut out scriptures (such as His Name) using a “penknife”.   Jer.36:23
  146. Death by stoning was decreed for blasphemy and for luring folks to another Elohim !  Lev.24:16 ; Deu.13:1-13
  147. Countless thousands have sung Ps.113:3 unto His Name like puppets, but have never even been told what it is !
  148. Dead Serious: Key of Knowledge, Lu.11:52;  Strait (narrow) is the Gate, Matt.7:14; NONE other Name, Acts4:12
  149. You don't have to “bet your life” on the phonics offered here;  just don't defend the undefined substitute ”jesus”.
  150. Numerous Holy Scriptures say His Name is involved (or essential) to be saved,  Y E T it gets obscured !  Ac.4:12
  151. Obedience> ”Born Again”: Ac.2:38;15:24  ? Obedience> ”Grow”: Ac.15:17,19,20,21 (2Pet.3:18a;Eph.4:15)
  152. Without a firm “scepter” [the Ten Comm. &  Name of YaH]  dumb sheep swoon into dumb pastor-worship.
  153. YouTube videos show converts being mocked. They look weak w/o the use of the Ten Comm.    1Jn.3:4
  154. Ten Comm.: - worsens Guilty Verdict to incinerate non-converts; but is a ”Perfect Law of Liberty” to converts.
  155. Both “John” & YaHUShuA were probably conceived & born by both Solstices & both Equinoxes !! Lu.1:5   Abiah
  156. "Merry Christmas & Happy New Year" violates His Calendar.  "Merry Sukkot & Happy Pesach" is better !!  Ex.12:2
  157. In Ex.3:14 (“I am that I am”) I AM describes Himself.  In Ex.3:15 (“YaHUaH”) YaH tells US how to describe.
  158. Religion(unscriptural ritual) & Legalism(forced demands) are filthy; Honor due His Name, is Holiness. Ps.29:2
  159. Our Rescuer's “threats” are user-friendly IF you can see them as guardians around your doctrinal perimeter. 
  160. He was disrobed on a cold day, -made to squirm on a bloody board (worse than a mad-dog !),  in our place.
  161. He obtained for us “fullness of joy” & “pleasures forevemore”; yet you scoffers diminish His Name !  Jer.23:27
  162. Do you dare diminish: Ex.9:16b ; 2 Sam.7:26 ; Ez.39:7 ?????    Threats & Restorations by YaH are here now !
  163. YaHUShuA spoke to protect every “jot & tittle” , yet mere men “play the fool” to obliterate His very Name !
  164. Over time, translators have given lower & lower regard to a word-for-word translation, starting with His Name.
  165. Denominational Authorities compile a TALMUD (not Torah) of Rules that conflict with the Apostles' Doctrine.
  166. No one except Born Again people want to magnify YaHUShuA's G-dhead or Name. 1Cor.12:3a ; Acts 19:17
  167. Yet no other noun or topic is mentioned more often in The Bible than His Name : YaHUaH ×7000 !...
  168. Determining YaHUaH's Name is as simple as common sense, even without any fluency in Hebrew.
  169. Where Ps.34:3 says to “magnify YaHUaH”, it means the person first, -then the Name YHWH (itself), second.
  170. Where Rev.15:4 says to “glorify His Name”, it means to give it the highest honors and meanings possible.
  171. Old Covenant (for Salvation) is heresy !  Yet TORAH remains quotable. Rom.8:29a; Matt.28:20; Acts 5:5-10
  172. Disobedient & Lukewarm & Stubborn (about His Name) do forfeit authority , and will “step aside”. Rev.3:8,11
  173. Transfer of authority is from the care-less to the care-ful; and Heylel steals much by hiding YaH's Name. Jn.10:1
  174. IF, --IF mutilation in Rev.17:16 is on a Sunday-Enforcer , --THEN little Sunday-keepers keep bad-company !
  175. The “Mother of Harlots” and her anti-Sabbath daughters  leer !  Rev.17:5; Ps.37:32  Warning: Rev.18:4
  176. The “Mother of Harlots” and her anti-Sabbath daughters fulfill Dan.7:25a ! Times = Feasts; Laws = Torah
  177. In Daniel, the 4th Beast Power is Rome; it depriveth the Whole World by diminishing His Name.      Rev.12:9
  178. In Daniel, the 4th Beast Power is Rome; it depriveth the Whole World by diminishing His Calendar.  Rev.12:9
  179. Captives(2Tim.2:26)  of that Beast Power(Dan.7:19-22)  always diminish(1Jn. 4:1a)  YaH's Name & Sabbath.
  180. Mutilations done to True Love by that Beast Power, left Daniel sick.    Dan.7:7-25 ; 8:27  ;   Rev.12:9 ; 18:4
  181. The Beast in Rev. used a false prophet.  [-amazing similarity: Catechism 841 !!!] ;   Rev.16:13; 19:20; 20:10
  182. YaH's Basics of Creation (Name & Sabbath & gender) are not to be mutilated, but preserved !        Gen.1:31
  183. A substitute Sabbath Day and Holy Name “does resemble” a substitute Religion.   [John 6:37b]   Rom.8:9b
  184. History says Pope Gregory massacred, then celebrated wildly,  -yet his calendar is preferred, over YaHUaH's.
  185. The KJV changes YaHUaH to LORD virtually 7000 times and changes it to Jehovah four times !
  186. The KJV is wonderful, but in Is.26:4 it robs H#3050 of YaH; -then, it robs H#3068 of YaHUaH AND LORD.
  187. The KJV @ Ex.23:17++ says, “Lord GOD” for Heb.#3068 Heb.#3068. (( We prefer “YHWH YHWH” ! )) 
  188. The KJV original did show YaHUaH's Hebrew Name, using Hebrew letters, two places !    But not since !
  189. The KJV-1611 was revised at least twice, to correct typos & scribal inconsistencies but not “My Holy Name”.
  190. The KJV trained us to prefer pagan substitutes: LORD & GOD, for 400 yrs.     This website supercedes that !
  191. The KJV is inconsistent (or falsifies?) YaH/Heb.#3050 in Ps.68:4 & 18 !     [v.4 asserts YaH, v.18 refuses !]
  192. The KJV still mis-names one Jacob as James,  Passover as Easter (pagan Ishtar),  &  YaHUaH as LORD.
  193. The KJV Greek word “devil” should have been translated into this useable English word: ”Slanderer” !
  194. The KJV Greek word “christ” should have been translated into this meaningful English word: ”Annointed” !
  195. The KJV has been translated into 1100 languages, and Shakespeare has been translated into 50 languages. 
  196. King James & Shakespeare were great.   But I declare “YaHUaH” more than both of those giants !  Rom.9:17 
  197. FYI:  King James was actually spoken as King “Yames”.  That same letter “Y”= the Heb. yod  as seen in YaH !
  198. We here have our faults, -sure ! , but  'too cowardly to proclaim YaHUaH & YaHUShuA', is not one !  Ps.45:17a
  199. And when it's party-time, we here, can party-fine !   Lu.15:23,24,25   Our sense-of-humor & joy is energized !
  200. BAAL & YaHUaH = proper-names. BAAL always means LORD. YaHUaH NEVER means LORD ! Jer.23:26
  201. Both Baal & Adonai mean lord.   [Baal= H#1168 x 51 ;  Adon= H#113/136 x 700]     {El= H#410,H#430}
  202. Both Baal & Adonai mean lord.  -never together in same verse; -wiser to avoid lord;  -specify Baal or Adonai
  203. Baal=satan=devil=Lucifer as references to Heylel H#1966 !   Lord can substitute Adonai, but never >YHWH !
  204. The Hebrew name of our predator appears once, Heylel (H#1966) (Is.14:12) ;  of YHWH  (H#3068) ×7000 !
  205. Heylel: acclaimed as Lucifer! Light-Bearer! Shining-One! Morning Star!  YaH: Self-Existent One, is obscured !
  206. Translators gave us the English letters B-a'a-l for Hebrew letters Ba'al and could have given: YHWH for YHWH !
  207. Translators gave us the English letters for Dan.5:25 unearthly letters  and could have given: YHWH for YHWH !
  208. That name Judas is unpopular, and Fido & Bozo are not defined; -“jesus” as an idiom is a decoy from grandeur.
  209. "Abraham" and "Joshua" are "magnified" names because letters & meanings are added !   Don't diminish "Yah".
  210. Since YaHUaH is the same, Yesterday, Today and Forever, then His Name is also the same, forever !  Ex.3:15 
  211. In a sea of a dozen billion folks, Churchjokers banter that they can get their own significance without His Name.
  212. Implacable churchjokers debate Acts 4:12a,b , -that they can die better W/O the Rescuer's real Name. Rom.1:31
  213. Ques.: Will only a tiny sect of us (out of a dozen billion people) love & declare “YaHUaH” ??   Rev.7:2,3 ; 14:1
  214. Cain & Abel: warns us what you church-rebels will do to us if your substitute worship is declared unacceptable. 
  215. Hypocrites commonly sigh & sing “Just a Closer Walk with Thee” then snub/sneer Elohim's Name, YaHUaH !
  216. YaHUShuA declared YaHUaH (Mk.14:62 / Ps.110:1/Lu.16:17) even on-trial for you (Mk.14:64) !  Will you ?
  217. YaHUShuA repeatedly warned His sheep to “Take heed that no man deceive you !”    -Get serious !  Matt.24:4
  218. Beware : frowning petty peers who do not “hunger & thirst” will slow you down more than your own “insight”.
  219. To “shun to declare” Apostles' Doctrine(Ac.2:42) ,  & traditions(2Thess.2:15) ,  is “bloody”(Ac.20:26,27)!!
  220. IF you won't resent the "theft" of His Name, -THEN you shouldn't resent the confiscation of a crown.   Rev.3:11
  221. Devils & reprobates cannot (i.e. NOT-ALLOWED) to repent !                                Is.66:4 ; 2Thess.2:10,11,12
  222. If you repent, - you repent ; if you don't, - you don't ; but a deal is a deal, -y'know, ...... in this case, forever !
  223. Immanuel is a Title or adjective more than a Name see: Is.7:14 ; Is.8:8 ; Is.8:10 ; Matt.1:23 ; Isaiah 9:6c
  224. You can evade deceivers, -then deceive your own self, if you decline to declare YaHUaH's Name !!!  Rom.9:17c  
  225. Will you leave it all up to a tiny few of us to obey & pursue authority of Rom.9:17, while you just STEP ASIDE ?
  226. Several profoundly disabled men are now laying up treasure (and taking crowns W/O apology) by His Name !
  227. Millions of vigorous worshippers get robbed by men-pleaser-authorities who diminish that Name from Gabriel !
  228. Most of you see ”YaHUaH” just like you would have seen Noah's Ark while Noah was building & preaching.
  229. Unrepentant rebels who mutter that YaH's Name is too divisive, deserve the cruelty of the alternative.  Rev.13:17 
  230. Disobedient Religious Authorities emphasize tithing but diminish “YaH”, contrary to Ex.20:2,7 !  Matt.23:23, 13
  231. Disobedience is inferior.   Obedience is superior.    Superiority receives authority from YaH !       1 Sam.15:28
  232. The serpent in EDEN lost his hands & feet & virtually his real name.  His revenge was similar: Calvary & Name.
  233. Personal legalities expect everyone to use a real name, not some vague AKA or DBA or ALIAS  (like “Jesus” !) !
  234. “Scripture cannot be broken” John 10:35b (esp. His Name), yet His Name is the one that is broken most often !
  235. “Sound doctrines” you never see :  persecution>>2Tim.3:12 ; affection>>Jn.13:34 ; Holy Name>>Rom.9:17
  236. Ugly, unpredictable THREAT: 2Thess.2:10,11,12        [[Holy Spirit sets your ”Point of No Return”]] Ecc.3:14
  237. Worldwide (ignorance-of & hostility-to YaH's Name) was devised by sly men (“dogs”).   Jer.23:27 ; DAN.12:10
  238. Paul was dangerously cryptic* (2Pet.3:16) to some people ; Bible parables filtered out others !  Matt.13:13,14
  239. Disobedient Religious Authorities publicly diminish ”My Holy Name” and thereby disobey the  1st & 6th Comm.
  240. I was a Bible-reading, obedient-employee for 47yrs W/O one direct co-worker who claimed to be Born Again !!
  241. One more spiritual pain is that in my whole long life, only once , has a stranger cared to ask if I was Born Again.
  242. Hallelu-YaH tries to tell us His Name, worldwide ! ;  to obscure “YaH” is inexcusable & punishable !    Is.9:16
  243. YaHUaH put His Name at Jerusalem !, and may restrict the access of sly leaders. 2Chr.6:6; Rom.9:17; Gal.6:7
  244. But since we do declare His Name (Rom.9:17), let us dwell nearer Jerusalem where He put His Name. 2Kgs.21:4
  245. Bastards, snakes, vomit, roadkill: Bible-style contempt for you unrepentant sort. 1Kgs.13:24; Mk.13:20; Rev.3:16
  246. “Dogs” oppose Ps.72:17a,b, & guilty of John 5:42,43a !  Others kept out of New Jerusalem.  Rev22:15; Tit.1:13
  247. “Dogs”,  “cannot understand” Is.56:11, and are not to be given “My Holy Name” !  Matt.7:6a ; 13:10; Jn.17:9
  248. Disobedient Religious Authorities could be dogs ? (or worse) in Scripture.   Is.56:11 ; Philip.3:2a;  Matt.23:33
  249. Dear “Adam & Eve”,                                                                              XXX
  250. First, -humbly discern who are dogs, THEN you obey:  >> “Give not “My Holy Name” to dogs” >> Matt.7:6a

 The "Fullness of the Godhead" said silly men build their houses on sand. To prefer a substitute for "YaHUaH", is sand.
 Falsified Names will burn: "wood, hay & stubble" !   Unrepentant people: disposed-of like "chaff in the wind" !  Ps.1:4
 Rods of Iron:  Noah's Ark; Ez.9:4,5,6; Ez.14:13,14,18; Tit.3:10;  Mark 4:10,11,12 !    YHWH  says so: Prov.1:28,29





  1. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to poor converts in little village of Berea (to authenticate His name).
  2. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to Gr. translators in 100± B.C., who wrote YaH's Sinai signature !
  3. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to Gr. translators in 100± A.D., who wrote joshua=jesus in Gr. !
  4. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to Gr. translators of 100± A.D., now write jesus≠joshua in Eng. !
  5. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to common sense praying for Jerusalem using "LORD" ! 2Ch.6:6
  6. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to brats, willing to diminish Father's name then claim inspiration.
  7. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to EVE !  Unlike them, she did declare: "YaHUaH"!    Gen.4:1,26
  8. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to primitive people w/o B.S./M.S./Ph.D. who WILL tell His Name !
  9. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to average reader of 2000 yrs ago when they disregard Rom.9:17.
  10. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to little bigots (i.e. the ecumenicals who DO use "YaH"). 1Ki.18:21
  11. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to News Media by hiding greater truth & risk greater guilt. Ac.20:27
  12. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to a pagan King, Es.6:4. Unlike him they withhold honor. Rom.13:7
  13. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to killer-terrorists who do declare  their god's Name !    Rom.9:17
  14. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to Street Preachers who assert "Repent" & "YaHUShuA".  Lu.13:3,5
  15. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to know YaH's Gate is narrow yet prefer a substitute Name.  Mk.7:7
  16. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to diminish YaH's Name, then expect help.   Rom.10:13; Matt.5:19
  17. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior to the intent of Scripture: -to utter "YaHUaH" continually.  Ps.113:3 
  18. Disobedient Religious Authorities act inferior by peddling 300+ Bibles omitting His Name and Joseph's ! Lu.2:33
  19. Disobedient Religious Authorities in Nigeria (Hausa Bible translation) substituted Allah (of Koran) for YaHUaH ! 
  20. Disobedient Religious Authorities amused or frustrated here (instead of ashamed) cannot teach about repentance.
  21. Disobedient Religious Authorities become uncharitable when pressed for real truth about His Name. Try it & see !
  22. Disobedient Religious Authorities who diminish His Name, sow discord, which is a serious abomination. Prov.6:19
  23. Disobedient Religious Authorities are personally threatened by YaHUaH.    Too fecal to discuss.   Mal. 2:1,2,3
  24. Disobedient Religious Authorities fear little frowns by little peers more than big Bible warnings. Deu.28:58;29:29
  25. Disobedient Religious Authorities protect their authority more than His Name or your education about His Name.
  26. Disobedient Religious Authorities know the Almighty said "My Holy Name" twelve times, but won't teach it ! 
  27. Disobedient Religious Authorities know His Ten Comm. signed His Name sixteen times, but won't teach it !
  28. Disobedient Religious Authorities know: the first phrase in First Commandment is His Name, but won't teach it !
  29. Disobedient Religious Authorities may spend a lifetime on vague prophecies yet disregard His plain name 7000× !
  30. Disobedient Religious Authorities collect your money & bury you & "send you away" W/O the Name of your G-d.
  31. Disobedient Religious Authorities obscured YaH's Name & left it estranged & "forgotten" ! Matt.24:4 ; Jer.23:27a 
  32. Disobedient Religious Authorities make Dallas the "Jesus Capital" of planet earth, --but devoid of "YaH" ! [sly]
  33. Disobedient Religious Authorities when told YaHUaH's Name, snub us here & Moses !  Ex.3:14,15 ; Matt.7:6a
  34. Disobedient Religious Authorities ignore the mandate: "My people shall know My Name." Is.52:6 ; Jer.44:26-28
  35. Disobedient Religious Authorities subvert the admonition: "Let everything that hath breath praise YaHUaH" !
  36. Disobedient Religious Authorities lack explicit, defined-authority  to use "jesus" to exorcise. Mk.16:17; Ac.19:15 
  37. Disobedient Religious Authorities confuse  Name  & Title:  Jer.10:6b,-44:26; Is.42:8; Mal.1:6,11,14 ; Ps. 7:17 !!
  38. Disobedient Religious Authorities shout belligerent condemnations, -yet resent these true restorations. Matt.17:11
  39. Disobedient Religious Authorities repeatedly claim to "Major on the majors . . .",  yet quench His Name !  [sly]
  40. Disobedient Religious Authorities don't care that true prophets in scripture specified: "Thus saith YaHUaH" !
  41. Disobedient Religious Authorities & KJV impose numerous Hebrew words (except His for His Name).  Jn.19:17 
  42. Disobedient Religious Authorities substitute "jews" (an ugly little idiom) in place of "YaHUDIM",  - 244 places !
  43. Disobedient Religious Authorities duly emphasize Rom.10:9,10,  then comparatively hide its criterion: v.13 !
  44. Disobedient Religious Authorities will lose crowns for misapplying the "Ten Comm." & his Name.   Ps.19:7a  
  45. Disobedient Religious Authorities avoid "remnant", Rev.12:17, where commandments promote His Name ! 
  46. Disobedient Religious Authorities do not clarify that YaHUShuA weilded "YaHUaH" while in the wilderness !
  47. Disobedient Religious Authorities can pray & fast 40-days, yet refuse to "Love", "Fear", "Declare", - His Name.
  48. Disobedient Religious Authorities even with grand Seminary Degrees, repress the meaning of: "Halleluia" ! 
  49. Disobedient Religious Authorities define "Halleluia" & His Holy Name by using "jehovah" and feel no shame !
  50. Disobedient Religious Authorities don't care that Greek never used a "J", or Paleo-Hebrew never used a "V" ! 
  51. Disobedient Religious Authorities resemble Cain & Jereboam who invented and preferred their own terms. 
  52. Disobedient Religious Authorities who demand "Sola Scriptura" then diminish Ex.20:7, -are deceived ! Rev.12:9
  53. Disobedient Religious Authorities led all of us away from the basics of Jude 1:3, & "remnant" in Rev. 12:17 !
  54. Disobedient Religious Authorities who subvert YaH as a seal, preach "another Jesus"! Ez.9:4,5;  Rev.7:3; 22:4
  55. Disobedient Religious Authorities dare to train us to "bow & confess" to TWO wrong nameS  !  Philip.2:10,11 
  56. Disobedient Religious Authorities use Hebrew: Dagon, Moloch, Tammuz, Ishtar, Chemosh & Baal, but not YaH ! 
  57. Disobedient Religious Authorities impose "LORD" or HaShem or Baal or Adonai more than YaHUaH !   Jer. 12:16
  58. Disobedient Religious Authorities who defend counterfeit names by bigotry,  -do defy YaH's warning !  Ex. 20:7
  59. Disobedient Religious Authorities readily alter what YaH said He would not alter. Ps.89:34 ; Ex.19:9; 20:5,22
  60. Disobedient Religious Authorities quote  Matt. 5:18, then discard these very letters that spell His Name !  
  61. Disobedient Religious Authorities pretend to be immune to Rev.12:9a  & YaH !  ["deceiveth the whole world"] 
  62. Disobedient Religious Authorities thunder the names of Reformation Sunday-keeping heroes, but not YaH !  
  63. Disobedient Religious Authorities diminish His Loving Name while adversaries proclaim unLoving names.  [sly]
  64. Disobedient Religious Authorities dupe converts to "declare" themselves as Elders but  don't "declare" His Name ! 
  65. Disobedient Religious Authorities leave us unprepared to use His Name "YaHUaH" to cast out The Slanderer ! 
  66. Disobedient Religious Authorities leave your-love-for-His-Name dumb,  -like 'pushers' leave your brain dumb.
  67. Disobedient Religious Authorities hide this "Key of Knowledge" like "thieves & robbers".  Lu.11:52; Jn.10:8
  68. Disobedient Religious Authorities wouldn't tell you about a Concordance  based on His Name, or this website.
  69. Disobedient Religious Authorities who bury His Name do resemble the damned soul in Matt. 25:25,30 ! ! !
  70. Disobedient Religious Authorities may prefer to be 'infiltrated & scattered' by witches more than declare His Name !
  71. Disobedient Religious Authorities never encourage humble "street" evangelists to tell the crowds His Name.
  72. Disobedient Religious Authorities deserve subjugation to Torah-"observant" youth who love His Name. Is.3:4
  73. Disobedient Religious Authorities mumble "hallowed be thy name", then always diminish it !     Exodus 20:7
  74. Disobedient Religious Authorities robbed & shamed countless passionate songs & singers of His dear Name !
  75. Disobedient Religious Authorities use E.L.S. de-coding and find "Yeshua" everywhere, but it's not His Name ! 
  76. Disobedient Religious Authorities urge exhausting frequent attendance, then impose LORD as YaH's name ! 
  77. Disobedient Religious Authorities use Lexicons by genius Gesenius, yet hide his assertion of "hu" in YaHUaH.
  78. Disobedient Religious Authorities Dishonor Acts 15:17 -21 where scripture Honors  His Name [& Sabbaths] !
  79. Disobedient Religious Authorities prefer their land NOT be healed more than be called "YaHUDIM" !  2Chr.7:14
  80. Disobedient Religious Authorities (& European kings) killed countless people to suppress Bible truth like YaH" ! 
  81. Disobedient Religious Authorities avert YaH's Name just like the town drunks & pimps avert their preaching.
  82. Disobedient Religious Authorities know counterfeit names will be "rooted up" but yet don't repent.   Matt.15:13 
  83. Disobedient Religious Authorities could be hirelings if they won't use Ps.68:4b & Is. 42:8 in 1Kg.18:24 ! (KJV)
  84. Disobedient Religious Authorities pervert the Spirit of Truth to pervert YaH’s Name.  Dangerous x 2 !  Rev.3:16
  85. Disobedient Religious Authorities know "J" is recent and never used in Greek or Hebrew, but force it on us ! 
  86. Disobedient Religious Authorities dangerously neglect YaHUShuA's emphasis on "YaHUaH" !     Jn.17:6,11,12
  87. Disobedient Religious Authorities left us sheep to face skillful  Muslims  who can prove His Name is YaHUaH. 
  88. Disobedient Religious Authorities can see that the Hebrew letter for "U" in HalleluYaH is same in YaHUaH !
  89. Disobedient Religious Authorities prefer to use the pagan terms like Lord or "Gawd".  Ex.23:13; Heb.# 1408
  90. Disobedient Religious Authorities double-dare: "YaHUaH is a man of War; YaHUaH is His Name." Ex.15:3 
  91. Disobedient Religious Authorities demolished our defensive fortification provided as a refuge.     Prov.18:10 
  92. Disobedient Religious Authorities shout "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" then hide His Name !
  93. Disobedient Religious Authorities misquote(reverse) Ps.34:3 then supress His Name, - then loathe correction !
  94. Disobedient Religious Authorities virtually play "daredevil" against the warnings in John 5:43 & John 9:41 !
  95. Disobedient Religious Authorities obviously dispute Ps.72:17 which claims YaHUaH's Name is unchangeable ! 
  96. Disobedient Religious Authorities visit Mexico with a pet named Brownie & won't even change the dog's name.
  97. Disobedient Religious Authorities may admit that Bibles delete "YaHUaH" 6,823 times.  TRUE count is 7000±!
  98. Disobedient Religious Authorities accomodate homos and Xmas trees more than "My Holy Name !   Jer.10:1-5
  99. Disobedient Religious Authorities won't be there to hold your sly, shaky hand at your judgement !     Dan.5:6
  100. Disobedient Religious Authorities know YaHUaH spoke His Own Name, but they won't do it.  Ex.34:5,6  
  101. Disobedient Religious Authorities knowingly ignore specific directions to "FEAR" and to "REVERE" His Name !
  102. Disobedient Religious Authorities know this is coming >> Philipp.2:1 << and still don't tell us His Name !
  103. Disobedient Religious Authorities use Bible search-programs which are blind to His name in a 1000+ places ! 
  104. Disobedient Religious Authorities already know John 5:43 but won't be open and honest about it publicly.  
  105. Disobedient Religious Authorities ignore YaH's heart to upgrade saints' names, then diminish His.   Mk.12:19 
  106. Disobedient Religious Authorities dare to tell Some Father what Name He must call His Only Begotten Son !
  107. Disobedient Religious Authorities produce deluded students who screech that it's OK to fool with His Name.
  108. Disobedient Religious Authorities know Ex.3:15b fixes that exact Name unto all generations,  -yet pervert it !
  109. Disobedient Religious Authorities squelch: perpetuation of Sabbaths & Feast Days !  SEE : Acts 2:1; 15:21,22
  110. Disobedient Religious Authorities squelch: that the Hebrew word "YaH" is very Majestic !   Heb.#3050 !   [sly] 
  111. Disobedient Religious Authorities squelch: that the Hebrew word "hovah" is an evil word !       Heb.#1942,43
  112. Disobedient Religious Authorities squelch: that our Father's Name is protection.      John 17:11b; Pro.18:10 !
  113. Disobedient Religious Authorities squelch: that Bible saints never even uttered - "jew" or "judah" ! Gen.29:35
  114. Disobedient Religious Authorities squelch: that "Mother Mary" never even heard that idiom: -"jesus" ! Lu.1:31
  115. Disobedient Religious Authorities preach Rom.16:17 then defy  Ex.3:15c  with a "undefined, hybrid, mongrel" ! 
  116. Disobedient Religious Authorities like Martin Luther (the midwife for Rev.17:5 Sundaykeepers) diminished "YaH".
  117. Disobedient Religious Authorities in Rome, on 29JUN08, forbade the mention of His Holy Name in prayers !
  118. Disobedient Religious Authorities seem contented that they have "slammed & locked the door" to His Name !
  119. Disobedient Religious Authorities & GOD & Sunday belong together] vs [Torah-students/YaHUaH/Sabbath].
  120. Disobedient Religious Authorities manipulated crusades, inquisitions, holocaust & you too, by a hybrid name ! 
  121. Disobedient Religious Authorities deprived you of the only Name on earth that means "The Self-Existent One" !
  122. Disobedient Religious Authorities like Saul (who lost his Royalty, legacy, posterity & his head), ignore YaHUaH.
  123. Disobedient Religious Authorities like Saul, go blind to the horror of error:  YaHUaH said don't even mourn !
  124. Disobedient Religious Authorities are beholden to frowny petty peers more than thousands who need His Name.
  125. Disobedient Religious Authorities can see both YaHUaH & YaHUDIM (Heb.#3068 & 3061) in verse: Zec.8:23. 
  126. Disobedient Religious Authorities disregard the Hebrew Torah in Synagogues that verify the spellings we teach !
  127. Disobedient Religious Authorities sell "copies" of orig. 1611 KJV O.T. cover page but they first delete His Name !
  128. Disobedient Religious Authorities aside, go see for yourself if KJV matches a Synagogue Torah, at His Name.
  129. Disobedient Religious Authorities pretend Deu.7:9 & Ps.119 & 1Kgs.8:43 is not enough reasons to declare YaH ! 
  130. Disobedient Religious Authorities say some god keeps covenant 1000 generations but won't name Him. De.7:9 
  131. Disobedient Religious Authorities won't care that Elohim (like us) loves to hear His Name called affectionately.
  132. Disobedient Religious Authorities compile a Chumash of vast info but always substitute HaShem for YaHUaH !
  133. Disobedient Religious Authorities won't defend His Name. Don't expect them to defend yours or mine !  1Jn.3:16
  134. Disobedient Religious Authorities who diminish His Name, scorn warning scriptures !     Lev. 24:16; Mal.2:2,3
  135. Disobedient Religious Authorities tho very talented, will be dishonored for diminishing His Name. 1Sam.15:22b 
  136. Disobedient Religious Authorities under Hitler needed help, yet disobeyed 2Chr.7:14 which required YaH's Name.
  137. Disobedient Religious Authorities whine against "Political Correctness" yet by His Name are worse offenders !
  138. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand"  the discord they sow by not translating "devil" & "LORD".
  139. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand"  to continue in apostles' doctrine, i.e. His Name. Ac.2:42F
  140. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand"  a simple verse & simple threat:  Ps.118:26 ;  Matt.23:29 
  141. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand"  YaHUaH's simple reason to impose His Name. Is.52:6 !
  142. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand"  that YaH's Power is different from His Name ! Ex.9:16
  143. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": Is.56:11; "Fed not My flock" about My Name !  Ez.34:8
  144. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": it is a lie to advertise as "Full Gospel" & omit His Name ! 
  145. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": diminishing His Name can begin apostasy. Rom.1:18++
  146. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": Apostles perpetuated His Name !  Jn.17:6 ; Matt.28:19,20  
  147. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": dedicated Temples declare His Name worldwide ! 1KI.8:43
  148. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": Is.26:4 (Heb. YH - YHWH ) wants us to know about YaH !
  149. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": comparing substitutes : "Jehovah" is worse than "LORD". 
  150. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": "LORD" is tainted by Baal;   "hovah" means wickedness !  
  151. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": to use & teach "GOD" to replace "YaHUaH" is Rev.22:11a.
  152. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": KJV "center" CENTERS on His Name at Ps.103:1 or 118:8  
  153. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": True Bonding = New Comman. \\ His Blood + His Name.
  154. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": defiling His Name  COULD  affect salvation.   Rev.21:27 
  155. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": may be beaten for misleading illiterates !    Lu.12:47,48
  156. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": may be beaten, who know "YaH", -but teach "Jehovah". 
  157. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": command to make war against fake Names!  Deu.12:1,3  
  158. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": a good name is precious,-especially YaHUaH's Pro.22:1
  159. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": He calls His sheep by name, and they know His. Jn.10:3 
  160. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": He even honors trillions of stars by their names ! Ps.147:4
  161. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": enough to explain the Hebrew of His Son's Name. Pr.30:4
  162. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": The Rescuer's simple preference expressed in John 8:29.
  163. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": using His Name (& definition) endears us to each other !
  164. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": "faith worketh by love"; ex.: the call to love His Name !
  165. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": who fool with the simplest plan of salvation.  Rom.10:13 
  166. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": Ac.4:12; 2:21; Jn.3:18; Rom.10:13 : Dangers of Name !
  167. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": promote their FALSE Sabbath more than His TRUE Name.
  168. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": preaching is risk-free compared to proclaiming His Name. 
  169. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": fishermen wrote 8 "books" in Heb. (not Gr.), using YaH !
  170. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": neither the word Power, nor Name, equal the word YaH ! 
  171. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": Satan steals influence by purging YaH's Name. Is.14:13 
  172. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": unlike Adam, they crave to Name The Creator Himself !
  173. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": Neither Moses nor Gabriel would call "joshua", Yeshua !
  174. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": Yeshua ≠ Num.13:16 & Deu.3:21 & Ac.7:45 & 7:59 !
  175. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": Yeshua ( w/o  YaH ) is no substitute for YaHUShuA ! 
  176. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": Yeshua opposes seven N.T. verses that depend on YaH !
  177. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": joshua = jesus  ≠ YaHUShuA (per Moses & Gabriel !) 
  178. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": joshua / jesus , identical spellings: Gr. & Aram. & Heb. !
  179. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": Rescuer's example to ignore substitute name: Belteshazzar.
  180. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": Belteshazzar ≠  Daniel  ;  jesus ≠ YaHUShuA  Dan. 1:7 
  181. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": John's ex. to ignore substitute Zaphenath-panea.  Jn.4:5
  182. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": or obey the emphasis on YaHUaH:  Ex.9:16 & Rom.9:17 !
  183. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": why Heb.11:32 ignored the name Jerub-Baal !  Jud.7:1
  184. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": their guilt.  Jer.23:27 ; Ez. 44:23 ; Matt. 5:18 ; Lu.1:17
  185. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand": real latent danger from YaHUaH by Jealousy !   Ex.34:14 
  186. Disobedient Religious Authorities "cannot understand"  that YaH is against them who steal His Name.  Jer.23:30
  187. Disobedient Religious Authorities "can understand": repeating YaHUShuA's Name might detract from themselves.
  188. Disobedient Religious Authorities lure you with Love&Grace, then advertise their own name more than YaHUaH's.
  189. Disobedient Religious Authorities prefer "baal" of the Sabbath more than "Adonai" of the Sabbath.   Jer.23:27b 
  190. Disobedient Religious Authorities devolve The Creator's name to match that used in Neh.8:17, instead of YaH ! 
  191. Disobedient Religious Authorities despise the 4th Commandment less than 1st (which asserts YaHUaH) ! Ex.20:2
  192. Disobedient Religious Authorities obscure:  YaH's seal on us is His name !!!!   Rev.3:12; 7:2,3; 9:4; 14:1; 22:4 
  193. Disobedient Religious Authorities snorted,"You'll never get anybody saved with a Name like that !"  Acts 1:17
  194. Disobedient Religious Authorities pervert the 1st. Comm.("weightiest matter of the Law"); it starts with YaHUaH !
  195. Disobedient Religious Authorities deprive humble sheep of His Name & Torah then scold them for instability ! 
  196. Disobedient Religious Authorities describe "LORD", "lord", "Lord" harshly as if sheep were the ones neglecting it. 
  197. Disobedient Religious Authorities led sheep astray from His Name: Jer.50:6 ; and forfeit authority:  Matt.5:19.
  198. Disobedient Religious Authorities claim to be the "very elect" while they diminish "Yah".   Foretold: Matt.24:4,24
  199. Disobedient Religious Authorities Preachers call YaHUaH "LORD" and stubbornly dare this danger: Deu.18:20b !
  200. Disobedient Religious Authorities misquote His Holy O.T. Name at 100± places in the N.T.  Mk.12:29; Jn.12:28 
  201. Disobedient Religious Authorities roar, "Widow's Mite is acceptable worship", (but not YaH's Sabbath or Name).
  202. Disobedient Religious Authorities did carefully preserve complicated Bible names of wicked men, but not YaH ! 
  203. Disobedient Religious Authorities get high degrees (financed by others) then withhold YaH's Name. Matt.23:15
  204. Disobedient Religious Authorities & their pitiable pupils (by the millions) don't use the Name of their own G-d. 
  205. Disobedient Religious Authorities subvert "the whole counsel of God" (Ac.20:27), by diminishing His Name. 
  206. Disobedient Religious Authorities let genealogies labor hard to maintain lineage, yet prefer a "mongrel" name. 
  207. Disobedient Religious Authorities know the "Lord's Prayer" begins about His Name, but don't show they care ! 
  208. Disobedient Religious Authorities impose controls instead of encouraging the Gifts of the Spirit and His Name !
  209. Disobedient Religious Authorities are shamed ! Dozens & dozens of verses spell the acceptable contraction, "Yah".
  210. Disobedient Religious Authorities give us conflicting translations of Ba'alzebub:   Lord of Flies    Lord of Dung ! 
  211. Disobedient Religious Authorities give us conflicting (or falsified) translations of YaH/Heb.#3050 in Ps.68:4,18 !
  212. Disobedient Religious Authorities roar Jn. 3:16 !  and then hide v.18, where The Rescuer requires His Name !
  213. Disobedient Religious Authorities roar Rom.10:9,10 !  and then hide v.13, where the Spirit requires His Name !
  214. Disobedient Religious Authorities quote "every word" in Matt.4:4/Deu.8:3  then violate it by omitting YaHUaH.
  215. Disobedient Religious Authorities are uneasy with His Name in countless Sunday sermons.     Rev. 17:5 ; 18:4 
  216. Disobedient Religious Authorities lately begin to sneak-in YaH's Name, -without admitting to any personal guilt ! 
  217. Disobedient Religious Authorities substitute day-of-worship in place of day-of-rest, -- and LORD for YaHUaH.
  218. Disobedient Religious Authorities may never preach against the blasphemy or distortion of His Name !   Ex.20:7
  219. Disobedient Religious Authorities don't clarify: Billions who are not Born Again must learn His Name.  Acts 4:12
  220. Disobedient Religious Authorities don't clarify: The few who are Born Again will desire&know His Name. Is.52:6a
  221. Disobedient Religious Authorities don't clarify: BOTH His Sabbath and His Name are defended by Isaiah 56:6 !
  222. Disobedient Religious Authorities don't clarify: BOTH His Sabbath and His Name are defended by Death Penalty ! 
  223. Disobedient Religious Authorities don't clarify: BOTH His Sabbath and His Name are defended by Daniel 7:25 !
  224. Disobedient Religious Authorities don't clarify: BOTH His Sabbath and His Name are defended by Matthew 5:17 !
  225. Disobedient Religious Authorities don't clarify: BOTH His Sabbath and His Name are Holy, -and forever !   Is.2:3 
  226. Disobedient Religious Authorities deny their own likeness to Belshazzar who mis-used Holy Temple cups ! Dan.5:2
  227. Disobedient Religious Authorities donate "Ten Comm." monuments with a missing Comm. & forged Heb. Name !
  228. Disobedient Religious Authorities worldwide, don't educate you about the signboard by Pontius Pilate, so I will.
  229. Disobedient Religious Authorities emphasize tithing but diminish "YaH", contrary to Ex.20:2,7 !    Matt.23:23,13
  230. Disobedient Religious Authorities prefer dangerous Bibles.   Nazarene Israelites prefer Hebrew roots Scriptures.
  231. Disobedient Religious Authorities diminish: MY People, MY Land, MY Sabbath, MY "Feasts", My Holy Name !!
  232. Disobedient Religious Authorities effectively hide amazing 1Kgs.19:11 that tries to give us His Name five times !! 
  233. Disobedient Religious Authorities for centuries, have diminished His Name more than Madalyn Murray O'Hair.  
  234. Disobedient Religious Authorities deserve to face wicked spirits by depending on Scriptures they altered ! Lu.21:36 
  235. Disobedient Religious Authorities repeated Hebrew letters for Bel & Baal, and should have for "YHWH". Dan.5:25
  236. Disobedient Religious Authorities who do employ "damnable heresies", -deserve threats !  Titus 3:10 ; 2Thess.1:8 
  237. Disobedient Religious Authorities who hold YaH's Truth in unrighteousness, deserve wrath ! Rom.1:18; Rev.22:11
  238. Disobedient Religious Authorities effectively hide amazing 1Kgs.19:11 that tries to give us His Name five times ! !
  239. Disobedient Religious Authorities should expect stern correction about His Name. Pro.30:6; Lu.12:47; Rom.11:22 
  240. Disobedient Religious Authorities historically, do slander us preachers who assert a higher truth, like His Name !
  241. Disobedient Religious Authorities exemplify Authority, but will not exemplify Repentance, even for Name-abuse ! 
  242. Disobedient Religious Authorities don't proclaim YaHUaH !      Devils & reprobates cannot repent !      Matt.11:29
  243. Disobedient Religious Authorities (being unrepentant) risk forfeiture to confiscators. 1Sam.15:23,28 ; Ez. 9:1,6 !!
  244. Disobedient Religious Authorities (like goons for Constantine) they kill Yah's Sabbaths & "Feast days" & Name !!!
  245. Disobedient Religious Authorities who continue to diminish "My Holy Name", disobey  the 1st & 3rd & 9th Comm.
  246. Disobedient Religious Authorities are guilty (by Ex.20:7), and forewarned of "least in the Kingdom" !   Matt.5:19a 
  247. Disobedient Religious Authorities (who are shepherds that cannot understand)-are dogs ! It is written. Is.56:11
  248. Disobedient Religious Authorities can be snakes, vomit, roadkill, dogs ! etc.  Is.56:11 ; Philip.3:2a ; Matt.23:33 ; Rev.3:16
  249. Dear "Adam & Eve",                                                                                xxx
  250. First, -humbly discern who are dogs, THEN you obey:  >> "Give not "My Holy Name" to dogs" >> Matt.7:6a 

 The "Fullness of the Godhead" said silly men build their houses on sand.  To prefer a substitute for "YaHUaH", is sand.
 Falsified Names will burn: "wood, hay & stubble" !    Unrepentant people: disposed-of like "chaff in the wind" !  Ps.1:4
 Rods of Iron:  Noah's Ark; Ez.9:4,5,6; Ez.14:13,14,18; Tit.3:10;  Mark 4:10,11,12 !    YHWH  says so: Prov.1:28,29

Serial Killer:   Ezekiel 9:4,6  (Luke 19:27)

If you venture onto this battlefield, you will need these elementary reminders.
Pastors & Teachers tend to feed the Sheep.   Prophets*** & Evangelists (like us) tend to warn the Goats ! 
The Goats are identified in Matt. 7:23 by "INIQUITY":  
INIQUITY is hostility to those Commandments which continue forever ! !
The Goats won't even care, . . . but,
YaHUaH's Name & Sabbath not only both continue forever, -but 
they also both PRE-DATE the Ten Commandments !
-FYI , both are used for perpetual covenants and memorials !  R U LISTENING ?
(If you don't care, THEN you are the real "wise guy", not us ! )
-too bad, . . . . . . Elohim has already said "Jer. 31:33" !)   

***King David designated a few of his own musicians as Prophets.     1Chron.25:1,2,3,5  

As soon as the smoke clears and the dust settles and the blood dries,
disposable rebels (Gen.7:23) wander right back to more slop & wallow, ---INSTEAD OF THE BIBLE  !
Disposable rebels (Jn.3:18b) wander from one demon-infested concert to another demon-infested concert.  
Would ungodly Americans in a squalid tent city rather be there than read the Bible ?  Sure !  Genesis 12:3a

Truth is like a "fast gun" . . .  (-makes you grin when you win).   Prov. 1:26 ;   1 Cor. 13:6b
Spiritually speaking: anyone who won't  "eat" & "reproduce"  -is already spiritually dead.
In this world filled with grief, most grievers would rather grieve than read the Bible.  

YaHUaH initiates & authorizes tough talk.   Acts 13:9,10,11
Any time you think we use wording too severe,
-all you have to do is just read the words in the Scriptures we cite, 
and realize that Scripture is utterly more severe & threatening than little 'ol us.  
Passionate Preaching cripples itself by quenching the Holy Spirit from using the Ten Comm. 
And You're right !   It's true ! Nobody can MAKE anybody love anybody.
-but tell a TEN COMM. warning to a CHOSEN person, and they WILL love their rescuer ! 
You are scheduled to kneel-down to His TRUE Name !  Philip. 2:10 ;  Is.25:21-23  KJV
We tell you more about His Name (for free), than punk hirelings sell you for money ! 
John 15:5 (KJV) 
The fruit of this branch (website) is the Restoration of YAH's Name.
His TRUTH is 'here to stay'.   
You will soon be subjugated by it whether you repent or not !   Philippians 2:10,11
Don't mess with . . .
"The Man of War" !  Ex.15:3         (our favorite bully killer)    OR, 
"His battle-axe" !     Jer. 51:20 ; Is. 54:17b    (or True Israel)  

It's a battlefield, silly, not a recreation room,
It's a fight and not a game !
Sissy if you want to, run if you will,
But His TRUTH came here to stay !   Deu.29:29 
("the birds sing and the rats run")
We stay so happy for our-self that we know & care about these things, that . . .
-just as sure as you can't transmute gold back into lead,

we are not deterred or discouraged by anyone else's level of disinterest. 
Yet our labors here show that we care & pray for you, freely. 

If the REAL BIBLE THREATS here cannot keep your attention, then
you still need little blinking lights and little dancing bares ! 
In fact, if you "dare" to keep reading you're about to be surrounded by
TRUTH you can never disprove, much-less counter-mand !   OK ?
One minor example:  The N.T. word "saints"  meant & means,  - "Feast Keepers".
It doesn't matter if you don't care:  Truth goes on and on, anyway.   Here's another.
Gabriel announced to Mary about the baby,  Two of his greatest words get wrested (twisted). 
He said, in Hebrew,  "YaHUShUA yeshua".   The first is The Name, the second is The Mission. 
You Truth resisters (sulking & slanderous) are grossly uneducated about your ancestors. 
Your-kind murdered our-kind by the hundreds of thousands during the dark ages.
The "elite" delight in withholding the "Keys of the Kingdom", such as His Name.   Luke 11:52 
Our-kind will delight in taking the crowns & wealth from the "elite".    Prov. 13:22b

Matt.24:35 ; Mk.13:31 ; Lu.21:33 

INSANITY mutters & mutters :  "I want His heaven but not His Name".
But if you don't care what He says (Scripture)
you ain't goin' where He is ! !      OK ?     
Therefore, Scripture calls you a bastard,
if you ignore what He says and then go unpunished. 
   If -   you find any imperfections here,
just remember this :  the better-educated
teachers were too deviant to tell you.
In fact, if you played-the-fool with
their name like they do with YaHUShUA's,
they would give you a large  "F" !!
Cowards have slandered our brave labors,
then plagiarized when it looks safe. 
    If -   you survive Scriptural "name-calling"
and this innovated format, you can
access this exceedingly precious truth.
To apply this exceedingly precious truth
you will want to get serious and be
righteously re-baptized, into the
Name of Yah (or YaHUaH/YaHUShUA).  Mark 16:16,17,18  !!!!!!!
   Ps.  Trust us,  . . . . . . .  
we are not doleful, downers, dullards or "party-poopers", -- nope !  --not at all !  Neh.8:10d 
This jolt of "sword & fire & hammer" and Scriptural Threats
serves to shame & defeat 2000 yrs. of  bully pulpits & care-less listeners ! 
For best results, apply your IQ until you understand the basics, then claim & defend it. 
You prudes & dimwits will wait until your conscience is "SEARED", then nobody can help you.
    A first baby-step of insight can be right there together in Ps.68:4 and Ps.68:18.  KJV
Verse 4 says Heb#3050 = YAH ! || Verse 18 says Heb#3050 = the LORD !  ||   Jer.8:8 ;  Luke 20:45,46,47 !
    A second baby-step of insight can be 
to admit that the YAH in Hallelu-YAH is the same sound and same word in every language.   
There is no E N G L I S H  substitute for Hallelu-YAH !!  or  for our Savior's name either.    OK ?
    A third baby-step of insight can be
to see that (captain) Joshua  in the N.T. has spelling identical to our Savior in the N.T.     
N.T.  "Jesus = Jesus" ;  "YaHUShuA = YaHUShuA"  You must keep the O.T.  YAH  in the N.T. name.  
Isaiah 43:11 !  +  Luke 2:11 !            Get serious !!! ;  Grow up !

Jabberface tries to tell me to transliterate Netanyahu into some different equivalent in English. 
(You may die dumb if you prefer.  But do you really want to greet The Royal King like some 'ol dimwit ignoramus ?)

You were born with an ugly Birth Defect called a "DEAD spirit component".  Eph. 2:1,5 ; 1 Tim.5:6
The "Silver Bullet" to kill your screeching denial is The Ten Commandments.  1Jn.3:4b
If you don't care what He says, -you ain't goin' where He is.   OK ?
"Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish."  Luke 13:3,5 !

"O YaHUaH ! ; Thou art great, and Thy Name is great . . . ."  Jer.10:6
"Who shall not fear thee, O  YaHUaH, and glorify thy name"   Rev.15:4

"... and that My Name may be declared throughout all the earth." ! 
Rom. 9:17c (KJV)

"... those things which are revealed belong to us and our children, forever " !  
Deu. 29:29b  (KJV)

"I [King David] will make Thy Name to be remembered in all generations :"
Ps. 45:17a  (KJV)

"I [YaHUaH] will set him on high because he hath known My Name ."
Ps. 91:14b  (KJV)

"... for there is none other Name under heaven given among men,
 whereby we must be saved."
Acts 4:12b (KJV)

"In all places where I record My Name, I will
come unto thee and will I bless thee."  

 Ex. 20:24 (KJV)

"But unto the place
which YaHUaH your Elohim shall choose
out of all your tribes to put His Name there,
even unto His habitation

 Deu. 12:5  (KJV)

"that all the people of the earth may know thy Name, . . . !"
1 Kings 8:43b  (KJV)

"Even every one that is called by my Name:
for I  have created him for My glory,
 I have formed him; yea,
I have made him ."

Is. 43:7  (KJV)

"If My people, which are called by My Name
shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face,
and turn from their wicked ways;
then will I hear from heaven,
and forgive their sin,
  and heal their land."

  2Chron. 7:14    (KJV)

"He that believeth is NOT CONDEMNED ,
but he that believeth-not IS CONDEMNED already
because  . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
he hath not believed in the
NAME . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
of  the only begotten Son of Elohim.

  Jn. 3:18

"... and that My Name may be declared throughout all the earth." ! 
Ex. 9:16c (KJV)

". . . . .the Father of Lights
with Whom is no variableness
shadow of turning."

James 1:17  (KJV)

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NOTE: This website is also aka:  www.MyHolyName.com

    W    E    B    S    I    T    E         T    O    P    I    C    S    

(You are scheduled to kneel-down to His   TRUE   Name  [either in admiration or in shame]!)  Philip. 2:10 KJV 
(No wonder "G-d Almighty" is sorry He ever made you, if you don't even want His Name.) Gen.6:6 ; Rom.1:28 KJV  
So . . . . "The wicked watcheth the righteous and seeketh to slay him."   Ps.37:32 KJV 
So . . . . "The righteous watcheth the wicked and seeketh to save him."  HEROYAHU


Those red UNDER-lines up above HERE on Pilate's signboard all say "YAH", which means: "THE SELF-EXISTENT ONE" ! 

THE FOUR-LETTER ACRONYM WOULD HAVE BEEN :  Y-H-W-H or  Y-H-U-H .  ( yod hey waw hey) <<<<<<

AGAIN . . .
THE FOUR-LETTER ACRONYM WOULD HAVE BEEN :  Y-H-W-H or  Y-H-U-H .  ( yod hey waw hey) <<<<<<


Copies of this signboard by Pontius Pilate are available.  [parchment or heavy photopaper]   [36" x 12"]

As a Roman, Pilate spoke Latin first and also enough Hebrew to rule over YaHUDIM (Jews).
Pilate noticed the great envy of the Priests. [Mark 15:9,10].  Pilate composed a title signboard which
angered the Priests.   Scripture mentions only their anger about the term 'King of the Jews'.

But remember, YaHUDIM (Jews) are such masters of literature that they commonly utilize and
recognize things like gematria, acronyms,  E.L.S., etc. and would immediately see it, if Pilate used a
four-letter acronym like YHWH.    Pontius Pilate probably antagonized them with those four letters.

If you grumble that the word "AND" does not appear in the  KJV   of John 19:19, then you must 
also admit that neither does the word "JESUS"  appear on the signboard by Pontius Pilate.  

BTW:  That word "AND" would have appeared by Pilate (a Roman) as only one Hebrew letter: "Waw".
BTW:  That word "AND"  is often provided in Roman signs.  
BTW:   "AND" is a common conjunction for New Testament clauses :  Rev. 12:17 ; Rev.14:12  !
The Late Great Israeli Rabbi Kaduri  used the letter “waw” for AND  in his death-note in 2006 AD. 
So, these two serious titles (possibly or probably) formed an acronym by using the conjunction  "AND" !

If it read:
  "YaHUShuA             theNazarene*            AND  Kingof              theYaHUDIM",
   ^              ^                    ^                  ^

acronym is >>   Y H W H  !
The (probable) acronym ignored the name of the one being crucified. 
The (probable) acronym spelled the Name that would insult the priests.  Mark 15:9,10


The Late Great Israeli Rabbi Kaduri  used the letter “waw” for AND  in his death-note in 2006 AD. 

We underlined his letter for the word "AND".  

ירים  העם  ויוכיח  שדברו  ותורתו  עומדים

TRANSLATION: He will lift the people and prove that his word and law are valid.

He included a six-letter acronym which spelled messiah's name exactly like Moses & I spell it >> YHUSUA
We've said it before and will say it again . . . the five-letter spelling is equally valid and omits the second  U.
You can go to GOOGLE IMAGES to see the original death-note.   Some photos encircle the acronym.


Pilate's sign emphasizes the YaH which actually does appear in the first word and the last word of each line.   
YaH is also the most permanent part of the new name of "Joshua", (by Moses) in Num.13:16 & Deu.3:21.
The spelling of "Joshua" in Acts 7:44 and Heb.4:7 refers to Moses's spelling  in Num.13:16 & Deu.3:21.
You LukeWarm who toy with the "Spirit of Error" (1John 4:6) provoke the Holy Spirit at your own risk. 



2 Cor.3:6 REPEAT !
Hallelu-YAH  vs  Hallelu-YE  

YaHUDIM means: "all those who praise Yah".
Scripture says "YaHUDIM" hundreds of times !
All you who are "Born Again", are YaHUDIM !
The term "Jews" is not a Hebrew word.
It is disrespectful, ugly slang. 
It disrespects the people
and rips out His Name.
It's time to Wake up !
Rev. 2:9 ; 3:9

  ( Yet we use the KJV
even though it diminishes YHWH & YHWSA
because it is still the best
word for word for word for word, translation.)
You who already know His Name may prefer
one of the translations by Hebrew Roots.
Those convey Hebrew idioms better.


  YaHUaH's Name is wonderful !!!
And little David against Goliath was opportunistic with it.
Yet there is widespread resistance toward His real Name. 
It is like a stone the builders rejected
and like a key of knowledge, taken away.
Resistance to it is tangible Bible evidence of a "falling away"
and that His probation for you unrepentant is closing.
We just don't want you flopping down the road of life
spiritually deformed and ignorant of His Name.
  Your choices have consequences. 
Don't blame Him. 
2Thess. 2:1-12

YaHUaH means:  "The Self-Existent One, Who is the Beginning & the End". 
                                               Is.44:6 (Rev.22:13)                                        
YaHUShuA means:  "The Self-Existent One, Who is Salvation".   Matt. 1:21 
In all these years, no challenger, worldwide, has ever, once "faced us" to disprove it !
"If ye know these things, HAPPY ARE YE, if ye do them !"  Jn.13:17

How dare Disobedient Religious Authorities
diminish YaHUaH's Name even tho He set it
at the TOP of His Ten Commandments &
at the TOP of His "Lord's Prayer" ?
  Common sense says, those who
yet disobey
 are worse
dogs who

The Ruling Class (Top "Dogs")
in Churchianity are in real big trouble.
When Christians were first called Christians,
they kept the Sabbath and used His real name.
Acts 15:20,21
Today's imitation should not be called Christianity ! 
Churchianity degrades Torah & "My Holy Name" & Sabbath !
Churchianity even degrades Apostles' Doctrine & definition of sin !
1 John 3:4b 

All things considered . . . . . .

Churchianity  ≠  Christianity

This Restoration of His Name already takes away crowns of authority
from Seminaries (& Parrots) who have enjoyed privileges while they
deprived us saints of the Name of our Elohim.  Rev. 3:11 ; Deu.29:29

In Matt.7:6a,  YAHUSHUA HIMSELF  says some of you visitors are not welcome here.   Is.56:11
This website will seem even more intense when we add a new collection of quotes from the N.T. 

Even schoolkids can compare  Joshua 1:1,2 to Acts 7:45  and see Joshua's name "IS NOT SO !"
IF Scripture calls us, in this, "MORE NOBLE"  (Acts 17:11) ,
THEN, dullards can't call us a "BRAGGART"   (Acts 2:13-16).

Prov. 29:1
Dullards are 'fair game' for Nicolaitanes.             (Eph. 4:14)
Dullards play with "God's" damnation.    2Thess. 2:10,11,12 

His Name may sound a bit odd,  
but who cares what schoolkids mock at ?
In Scripture, wild bears ate them alive for that.
Demons & Disobedient Religious Authorities abound,
-but be an  OVERCOMER, -not a puppet of some cheater !
Our favorite detractors may huff & puff dissent, or rally & rail,
but when they "see the light", they repent, and then recant. 
[more explanation later]
2Kings 2:23,24

 YaHUah's arithmetic has never, ever failed !!   Psalms 12:6
His other truths also exult, and don't need a Superiority Complex.   They  ARE   Superior !
Let YaHUaH’s  “Word of Knowledge” here create in your Spirit enough Love or Fear, to GROW !

Student Help:  preacher@MyHolyName.com 
(As a hard-copy print-out, this information
does not look so "vast & overwhelming". :o))


Preliminary Advice to Born-Again Visitors & Students :

The Priesthood of the Believer makes you Authorized & Free !  2Cor.3:6

Any Synagogue with a Torah/TaNaK* in Hebrew script can show you the
True Name of YHWH (YaHUaH) Elohim 7,000± times !!!!!!    Prov.25:2 

Scripture defines YaHUShuA as: "Elohim was manifest in the flesh".
Since Elohim had already said "My Holy Name" a dozen times, you
follow the "Spirit of Error" to continue calling Him some undefined idiom. 

Deu.29:29 authorizes you & expects you to Claim His Name and Restore
His Name & Rebuke (2Tim.4:2) any Disobedient Religious Authority who
  imposes some substitute in the place where He put His Name.    Jer.23:27
Pentecostals are deviant to desire "other tongues" then avoid His Name 
in Hebrew. 
Estrangement is usually proof-of or a symptom-of, slander.
 Estrangement of His Name is proof of slander, whether by minister or demon. 
Estrangement of His Name is proof of discord, whether by minister or demon.
Proverbs 6:16,19 !
Their less-informed counter-arguments offer less accuracy & love.     Lu.2:33
Unrepentant Ones get sassy but are on-record forever.  Matt.12:36 ; Mal.1:6
They can scorn our radio/TV/magazine Bibliography, but not our Revelation.
"Dogs" & "Swine" do not Comfort, -much less EDIFY ! Matt.7:6a; Matt.7:6b
A zoo-full of Leaders with Degrees & Authority, -practically hid His Name.
We mention their many violations that occurred over hundreds of years.
Scriptural threats & our redundancy pierce cold-hearted disinterest.
Our First Edition is not highly organized, but surely will be later.  

Feel free to join us here to search & find & keep this Treasure of Hidden Truth.
We apologize in advance for any remarks that lack sufficient context for you.
  But the Holy Spirit always adds understanding for "such as should be saved".
 His Name has been scattered among obscure sources and willingly withheld.
  But The Holy Spirit is a "Comforter" and continually offers "My Holy Name".
  You with the purest LOVE, will gain the most Authority.      1Kings 3:26,27
We think it is important for you to wade-through (or endure) a few
pages of preliminary facts to properly introduce you to the greatest.
It helps pursuade you of the profound importance of YaHUaH's Name.
His Name is near John 3:16 as if it were a vital component of salvation !!!
 You who lose interest prefer the Father of Lies.  Jn.8:44 ; Mark 4:14-19
You who mock are on the Hit List of "God Almighty".    Gal.5:19-21
"Forfeiture & Confiscation" will pick-your-fruit & take-your-crown.
Some Scriptures show that YaHUShuA can be "an hard man".
Matt. 25:24

We prefer Adonai instead of Lord, because Lord also means Baal.
Even that word "God" is berated by Elohim Almighty YaHUaH there
in Isaiah 65:11 ((translators say "troop" but YaHUaH berates "God" !))
Your research to correct us may tell you "gad", --yet "god" is the sound.
We hope you stop using the word LORD 7,000 times in place of His Name.
We sometimes say Rescuer (instead of Savior), to help strangers understand. 

Your questions and modifications and edifications are happily welcome ! 
BUT  . . . . notify us of violations of The Word or The Spirit,
ONLY  if you can prove it, using Scripture.

Ps. The Rescuer of the World (and we) love you for your search for Truth.
Unfortunately, "Wisdom is too high for a fool", so the Truth offered here will
exceed the IQ or interest of many visitors, even though His Name is very basic.

*The term TaNaK (above) refers to the very same Scriptures as the term Old Testament.
But, Old Testament is a more comprehensive term because it differentiate TWO Covenants.
The term TaNaK merely differentiates the three categories of topics in the Old Testament.   
The term TaNaK merely differentiates the three categories of:Torah & Neviim & Kituvim.    
  The term TaNaK merely differentiates the three categories: Instructions, Prophets, Writings.

YaHUaH means:  "The Self-Existent One, Who is the Beginning & the End". 
YaHUShuA means:  "The Self-Existent One, Who is Salvation".  

The first two letters of those Names is:   

יְה   <<<<<<<<
          and their sound is  YaH . 

 "YaH" conveys "THE SELF-EXISTENT ONE" ! ;  "Ye" diminishes.     "YaH" exalts !!! 

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