"M y  H o l y  N a m e"  
  R E S T O R A T I O N S

   Exalted !, Magnified !, Glorified !  -to the HIGHEST !
Philippians 2:9,10,11  KJV  !!!


Abstract/Summary      - about His Name

Two different men in the N.T. Greek are named "Jesus".  Their spellings are identical.  
Two different men in the N.T. Aramaic are named "Jesus". Their spellings are identical.  

Their names are identical. 
Acts 7:45 + 59  =  Num. 13:16
Acts 7:45 + 59  =  Deu. 3:21   
2 Pet.3:16 
Their spelling in Hebrew is identical.

Imitation names should be preferred only by imitation believers.
Zaphenath-Paneah ≠ Joseph ;  Jerub-Baal ≠ Gideon ;  Belteshazzar ≠ Daniel [Dan.1:7] ; 
Lucifer ≠  Heylel (Heb#1966) ;
Jesus ≠ YaHUShUA ;
+ etc. 

In N.T. Greek & Aramaic & English, etc.,
The Savior's Name (i.e. The Rescuer's Name) matches Capt. "Joshua",
which originates in Num.13:16 & Deu.3:21.  There is no Scriptural counter-argument. 
F.Y.I.:  Both the Num.13:16 & Deu.3:21 spellings are validated by Moses in Torah.
OK ?

That first one uses five letters while the second one uses six letters.
That first one uses five letters plus vowel points to duplicate the second one.
Num.13:16 & Deu.3:21 spell YaHUShuA, and disprove & discredit the "yeshua" error.  
[Preserving YaHUShuA for "Joshua", then twisting it to "yeshua"
to name The Savior (The Rescuer) is the "Spirit of Error".]  

There is an important principle which is honored by men who 
examine details of the Scripture.  They give special value to the earliest appearance
of some idea or fact or word.  This case is: "Joshua" in Torah:  Num.13:16 & Deu.3:21. 
F.Y.I.:  Both the Num.13:16 & Deu.3:21 spellings are validated by Moses in Torah. period
That first one uses five letters while the second one uses six letters.
For thousands of years, Deu.3:21 was recopied thousands of times.   Psalms 12:6   
Note that Moses's Torah spelling changed from six letters back to five in Deu.3:28 !
1,000yrs. later, in Neh.8:17, the spelling of Capt. "Joshua" diminishes the spelling by Moses.
The  "YaHUShuA" spelling reflects the intent of Moses,
 and declares the most truth, and thereby,
exercises the most profit and authority.


  This Restoration section explains the Restoration of His Name. 
   It proves* His Real Name and the everlasting Majesty of it.

  . . . a n d ,  f a c e  f a c t s , in Ex.20:2
Restoration of the very First Commandment
(in the Ten Commandments) 
  reveals that His Name
should be known
even by the wicked
before they are converted.
His Name is utterly intrinsic & indispensable.
His Name in Hebrew is a word with "VEHEMENT" meaning.
  His Name has been withheld by Disobedient Religious Authorities.
YaHUaH made for Himself "a glorious Name" yet Pulpit Punks won't declare it !


*It proves:  by explaining it's "oo" phonic and
by asserting it's vehement, fearsome definition. 

Note: Hebrew letters read   <<<<                                         
 Note: English phonic equivalents read  >>>>                        
   Note: see Restorations: Consonants & Vowels: Yahu/wah    
          The emphasis of the definition would be on the first syllable !     
           The emphasis of the pronunciation, varies from expert to expert 
   Now let's relate the Hebrew letters to our phonics this way:

UUH = YaHUUaH = YaHUaH =
   YHWSw  =  YH
UUSuuA  =   YaHUUShuuA  =  YaHUShuA  =       

    = [YaHuWaH] =  YaHUaH =  (THE FOUR HEBREW LETTERS: YHUH)        
  =  [YaHuWShuA] =  YaHUShuA =  

Ancient/Original Hebrew never used the letter "J" nor "V"; 
and their Hebrew letter "waw" always sounded like "uu"
in His Name ! 


Help with the big RED* letter near the top of this page: 
 *It is called a "waw", not vav.  
And that letter preceding the big  
RED  "waw" is called a "hey". 
   Moses's Paleo-Hebrew Alphabet did not use the letter "v", 
so "My Holy Name" did not use it either. 

   DISOBEDIENT RELIGIOUS AUTHORITIES  treat Archaeologists & Translators like liars 
   by imposing "v" sound into the ancient Paleo-Hebrew alphabet.  
   Yemen preserved the most ancient Paleo-Hebrew alphabet, 
while the Sephardic and/or Ashkenazi  YaHUDIM brought in the "v" sound. 
   Church jokers want their dumb name properly preserved in The Book of Life, 
but they disfigure His HOLY Name. 

Let's use this Top Line to give the "Bottom Line", right now.        

In our desire to Worship,  we proclaim (assert / defend) Elohim's Name: 
..... we  exalt it, Ps.34:3;  we "glorify"/magnify it, Rev.15:4; 2 Sam.7:26.  
Our PROOFS cannot go "higher" than the name YaHUShuA.   Deu. 29:29
BUT . . . . . . .  our speculations do naturally wonder beyond that. 

Gloria = ancient half-nude goddess. 
"Jewish" calendar months use names of Babylonian gods.]]] 

Gabriel appeared to Mary and assigned Messiah the same name as Captain Joshua who 
succeeded Moses:  Joshua [YaHUShuA] .   Acts 7:45 ; Hebrews 4:8  
Nine months later, angels rejoiced to the shepherds saying "Master YaHUaH !" 
Lu.2:11 Aramaic 
Gabriel's specification of divinity to Mary nine months earlier had to match the angels' 
specification of divinity spoken to the shepherds at the time He was born. 
The match occurs in the first syllable of each specification.  They are both alike. 
The Hebrew spelling of both is given to you in gigantic letters at the top of this page. 
Heb. Dictionary Word No. 3068 sits above Heb. Dictionary Word No. 3091. 
The evidence, using Hebrew spelling of both, easily and irrefutably impose YAH 
at the beginning of  Messiah's Name.   
Jer. 17:9 


Stay alert here. 

Our Rescuer is Splendor Itself , beyond imagination !  
BEYOND THAT, He suffered, then went to prepare splendor to share splendor with us.   
His pure royalty and pure loyalty is entitled to the finest Name you can exalt. So get serious. 

That four-letter Name, at top, belongs to both 
Father & Son in the Old Testament (TaNaK).  
That  five-letter Name, at top, belongs to the 
Son  in the New Testament (Brit HaDashah). 
Reading from right-to-left, both Names are just alike in the first two syllables:  YaH - U - . . . . .
NOTE: One page in our Menu,  Real Bible Proof,  lists 520 words in Strong's Hebrew Dictionary 
that help guide you toward the sound of  YaHUaH.   (Of course you would need the Dictionary.)  
If your IQ can navigate the internet it can also easily notice the common sound in those ancient 
Hebrew words we collected.  That pattern is seen hundreds & hundreds & hundreds of times ! 
There is a list of 72 names where the  
RED  letter is  "uu" or "uw", and is at the end of the names.   
FOR YOUR INFORMATION, YaHUaH could get its "uu" sound more ways than one. 
FOR YOUR INFORMATION, YaHUaH could get its "uu" sound by using little "qibbuts" instead 
of the  
RED  letter, but we choose to refer you to our ordained brother, Allen, later, to explain.  
B. Earl Allen has published the third greatest book on earth called, "Publish the Name of Yahuwah" ! 
NOTE: Those 520 examples above are logically conclusive, but also compelling is the spelling of 
YaHUDaH/Judah as a historical-precedent-phonic.  Just take a look, several paragraphs down, 
-and THINK FOR YOURSELF ! !  Please.   

YaHUaH means:  "The Self-Existent One, Who is the Beginning and the End".   [ Rev. 22:13 ]   
YaHUShuA means:  "The Self-Existent One, Who is Salvation".      [ Matt. 1:21 ]  

The world does not care about those Hebrew Names (nor the two 
RED letters that get ignored).  
We want you to care about both NAMES  &  definitions  &  value  &  superior pronunciations ! 
This is your chance (Ecc. 9:11) to profit (2Tim. 3:16) !  

"I am that I am" is not a name but His offer to describe His Self-Existence.   Ex.3:14 
His O.T. Name describes His Self-Existence plus His role as creator.   Ex. 3:15 
His N.T. Name describes His Self-Existence plus His role as saviour.   Lu. 1:26  
His Name is provided to Men and Angels to assert His Supremacy. 
His Name announces two concepts: His Self-Existence and our dependency, as creation. 
His Name was repeatedly said to be put at Jerusalem.   You need to care. 

A few do know about that 
RED letter, but shamefully fail to defend it.   

RED letter makes the sound of  "uw" if the Name-letters are called vowels. 
RED letter makes the sound of  "w" if the Name-letters are called consonants. 

RED letter makes the sound of  "uw" if the Name-letters are called vowels. 
RED letter makes the sound of  "w" if the Name-letters are called consonants. 

RED letter makes the sound of  "uw" if the Name-letters are called vowels. 
RED letter makes the sound of  "w" if the Name-letters are called consonants. 

Got it? 

The point is:  the "uu"-sound belongs regardless if silly little school kids think it sounds silly.   
That's their problem !  Scripture says: 'Get Serious' !     
[Just to be thorough, we did register a secondary Internet Domain Name: www.YAHUW2.com  

Pay attention. 
Here's a technicality:   Moses's man [Captain Joshua] is mentioned by H3091 at 203 places, but, 
everybody named, "Joshua"/YaHUShuA [mentioned by H3091] appears in KJV a total 222 places. 
220  of 222  create that second "uu" sound without using a real letter. They use vowel points. 
220  of 222  create that second "uu" sound without using a real letter. They use vowel points. 
220  of 222  create that second "uu" sound without using a real letter. They use vowel points. 
220  of 222  create that second "uu" sound without using a real letter. They use vowel points. 
220  of 222  create that second "uu" sound without using a real letter. They use vowel points. 
220  of 222  create that second "uu" sound without using a real letter. They use vowel points. 
220  of 222  create that second "uu" sound without using a real letter. They use vowel points. 
Got it ?    ok? 
(Torah/TaNaK Scrolls at Synagogues do not provide the little vowel points, but reprints, as books 
& charts commonly provide them and also other symbols called cantillation: Trop or Ta'ameem.)

All those 220 create that second "uu" sound by using vowel points, not a real Hebrew letter.  
All those 220 occurences of that second "uu" sound, are created by vowel points called "qibbuts", 
which are placed adjacent to its preceding (or parent) letter.  
The preceding letter (or parent letter)  in this case is a "shin".   "Shin" looks like an English "W".  
Those other two odd spellings,  2  of the  222,  get that
 second "uu" sound a different way.  
Those other two odd spellings,  2  of the  222,  get that 
second "uu" sound by using a real letter. 
Those other two odd spellings,  2  of the  222,  get that 
second "uu" sound by using a real letter. 
Those other two odd spellings,  2  of the  222,  get that 
second "uu" sound by using a real letter. 
Those other two odd spellings, get that second "uu" sound by using a real letter called "waw". 
Got it ?    ok?    -need another repeat ? 
One of the two spellings appears in the Torah; the other appears outside the Torah.

At first, we might wonder if those two odd spellings with the extra letter were "scribal errors".  
Deuteronomy 3:21 ; Judges 2:7 
It is fair to say that these two are noteable exceptions, alright, but they are alright !  
Their existence serves several useful principles :   
    1.   Both are alike and one is inside the TORAH and one is outside the TORAH; 
    2.   Both [meaning TWO] resemble two witnesses present to affirm the same phonics; 
    3.   Both yield exactly the same phonic result as the little "qibbuts" explained above; 
    4.   Both testify that the phonic sound used today was employed in those very ancient days; 
    5.   Both testify that YaH's inspired word can contain variety without guilt of contradiction; 
    6.   Both are endorsed by our Rescuer's remark that every "jot & tittle" are precious. 
    7.   Both six-letter spellings have been recopied many thousands of times.  Psalms 12:6    
Variety is often an extra burden, -but Our Creator does enjoy variety ! 
We just have to learn to cope with it ! 

Some commentators theorized that Joshua's name was deprived of one letter as a perpetual dishonor since he disobeyed a serious warning against perverse treaties. 
(see  Ex. 34:12    vs.   Joshua 9:14,15). 
Not likely ! ,  - because, years before that, the first appearance was by the hand of Moses and 
did not use the "extra" letter.  Num.13:16

But both spellings, with or without a real Hebrew letter, sound the same and are valid. 
BTW, - Torah scrolls at synagogues do not provide little vowel points, but reprints of scrolls 
in Interlinear "Bibles", prayer books, etc. provide little vowel-points.  Such reprints which 
provide vowel points, all faithfully put little qibbuts beneath the Heb. letter shin 
in "Joshua", 220 times to assure preservation of the "uu" sound,  -worldwide.

The "N" word in American slang is derogatory and destructive.   The word "Jew" is worse. 

That word “Jew” is a disgrace and never appears in the TaNaK !  

When our savior spoke John 4:22,  He did not say “Jews”, He said YaHUDIM/Heb#3064 ! 
[Ez.6:7 ; Deu.26:19 ; 28:1,10,13 ; 32:13 ; 33:29 ; Is.14:2 ; 45:14,17 ; 49:23 ; 60:14 ! ] 

Sure, English Bibles use it, but, spiritually the word "Jew" perverts the original inspiration    
of the Name of G-d Almighty, "YAH", KJV-Ps.68:4b !               Do you care ?  (duh ?) 

Question:  What is wrong ?  Scripture tries to give Yah's Name 7000x, yet you won't care ? 

Answer:  LACK OF AFFECTION/ENDEARMENT  . . . ( but, FYI:  "faith worketh by love" !) 
You who won’t care invariably become little puppets of some cheater. 

        Say Israel  and/or  Israelite.  (Jew is disrespectful slang for Israelite)  ->  Y'isra'el 
Jews     ->   YaHU
Judean  ->   YaHU
Judah   ->   YaHU
Yahweh ->   YaHUaH

Behold the superiority of evidence here !   
We may show you the corresponding Hebrew letters later.     
You need to know that the same Hebrew letters that spell  Yahudah spell YaHUaH.  
(Google result for "yehuda" was more than  9,800,000 ! )
(Google result for "yahuda" was more than      500,000 ! ) 
Whether you emphasize the first syllable of His Name or middle, the "U" belongs ! !  

&  . . . . . . . . .

That YaH  is the supreme, sublime prefix.  
That YaH  prefix was first put into a personal name for Abraham's great-grandson, YaHUDaH. 
It was continued from those who used it long before Noah's flood:  Genesis 4:1, 26.   
About four hundred years after Abraham's great-grandson, YaHUDaH,  it was repeated to Moses 
from the burning bush: Ex. 3:15.   Ps.68:4b (KJV) is emphatic about the term YaH !   
It is defined as “The Self-Existent One” and is superior to the lazy slur "Ye" substitute.

Tradition hides/suppresses His Great Name. 
Tradition knows about its own sly  “irregularity”.
Tradition assigns vowel points to its word YaHUaH <differently from> its word YaHUDaH !
That “re-assignment” demeans YaHUaH into  yehowah.  Are you listening ?  This is important.  
It is inexcusable how Disobedient Religious Authorities pretend to obey, yet don't.   
This website does not promote terms that are less accurate: sacred name, yahweh, yeshua.   
REAL BIBLE PROOFS above tries to show you more fool-proof proof than you will ever need.    

A silly  "so what" - "who cares"  is overruled by the Source Document, TaNaK, in Ex. 3:14.  
The sound there for "I AM" is stable as: HaYAH.  Are you listening ?  This is very important.
That Hebrew word there for "I AM" , HaYAH, does NOT vary in sound for any hothead.   
In the next verse, v.15, the YaH appears again and conveys again SELF-EXISTENCE.   
That demands stability.    So !   DON'T FOOL WITH YaH !    
FYI:  In Hebrew, there is not a word for  "is".   REPEAT.  
FYI:  In Hebrew, there IS a word for  "I AM", and it's stable as a rock !    HaYaH !  
That demands stability.    So !   DON'T FOOL WITH YAH !    

THAN RISK BEING "WRONG" ABOUT "tradition", in YeH, (2Cor.3:6) 

A brief word to students to consider  "I Am   that   I Am" :   

  • The repeated word there in Exodus 3:14 is:  Heb.#1961 (both of them) 
  • The repeated word there in Exodus 3:14 is:   #1961  that  #1961 !  . . . . or . . . . 
  • The repeated word there in Exodus 3:14 is:   #1961  who  #1961 ! 
  • The repeated word there in Exodus 3:14 is:  haYAH   (think:   haYaH   who is   haYaH).
  • There is also this sound of resemblance:  The YAH who is The YaH. 
  • So then, that said,  "AH" is not "EH".     Repeat:  The "AH" is not "EH".     
  • The Hebrew there is never read as:  The Yeh  who is  The Yeh.    DO YOU SEE IT ?
  • (It could mean:   "I am who I am"   or    "I will be   whatever   I want to be".) 
  • "YaH" prevails in Ps.68:4b , and in Hallelu-YaH , and many places like this , firmly, forever !! 
  • Hebrew #3050 , "YaH" ,  is known to mean:  "The Self-Existent One".  
  • I recommend that you not fool with His meaning He is trying to convey, -or mess with Him !!! 

Here's TWO more briefings for students familiar with this subject.    


IF  you say > YHWH  is  all vowels,    like Josephus tried to explain to Greeks readers . . .
IF  you say > YHWH  is  all vowels,  the effects of that giant  RED  letter above is  "uw".
IF  you say > YHWH  is  all vowels,  then the letter "W" is applied here like the vowel "U". 
520 examples are offerred at top in Website Topics ::: Real Bible Proof, as generous proof.  

In case you weren't listening . . . . . 
520 examples are offerred at top in Website Topics ::: Real Bible Proof, as generous proof.  

The average mind can check a few of those samples and recognize the common pattern.    
The samples are in the Hebrew Dictionary in the back of the Strong's Exhaustive Concordance.  
It was copyrighted in English 120+ years ago in 1890.  
There is no excuse for  the  D.R.A.'s  suppression ! 
The 520 ex. follow the famous "uw" sound made by Abraham's great-grandson.  (Judah)   
If you compare the Hebrew letters in Judah and YaHUaH you see that the letter "waw" exists  
the same in each one and serves to produce the same "Holy Name" prefix (and also 
the same sound "UU").      
More than that, the most famous word on earth needs that very same letter 
to make the "UU" sound in  H a l l e U  y a h !  

The  YHWH (from Yemen) mentioned  in a remark above, 
is more ancient and authentic than the invention of  YHVH  
by the  (Sephardic/Askenazi).  

[ You should know the difference between the  TORAH and the  TaNaK. ] 
[ The TaNaK is all the "Old Testament" Scriptures.  The TORAH is only the first five books. ] 


IF you say the >  YHWH  is  all consonants, i.e. orig., authentic of Paleo-Hebrew 
IF you say the >  YHWH  is  all consonants, you must learn a page full of tiny Hebrew    
Vowel-Points, i.e."punctuations" then add certain Vowel-Points to certain consonants !    
IF you say the > YHWH  is all consonants,  the effects of that giant  RED  letter above 
is merely/only as a "w" (got that ?)  instead of the "uw" mentioned above. 
So, in a system of consonants,  in order to create that sound of  "uw" ,  
Hebrew has to manipulate some preceeding letter using little vowel points. 

Now . . . . .       
-because Consonants use Vowel-Points to predict every vowel: . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      
The Hebrew letter preceding  that giant  RED  letter above is called "hey", 
and (as a Consonant) it must predict/generate/impose for itself its own vowel,    
such as:  ha, he, hi, ho, hu.     (ha !)     
Hebrew grammar demands that one-of-those-five vowels follow after that letter "hey"   
before the  RED  letter is pronounced.   Here, this  "hey"  is Vowel-Pointed to generate  "hu".    

To omit a vowel between the two middle letters of  > YHWH,  
is "a violation of Hebrew grammar" 
according to the master of these phonics, Mr. Gesenius.  

Mr. Gesenius's  "supreme" quotes and  
documentation are offered in the Website Topics, on Page Ten, above.  

Mr. Gesenius's genius is Above  "Top Genius"  !!!!!! 

It would take many pages to describe his insight & influence.   
(His manual has been republished about 29 times in about 140 yrs. ? ) 
Churchpeople everywhere have heard of Strong's Concordance to the Bible. 
Therefore, they have heard of Mr. Strong.  But Mr. Gesenius may actually 
be more famous since his book for "Jews" is circulated to even more countries.  
In fact,  FYI,  a very famous reference book is compiled using the labors of 
four men and  Mr. Gesenius in the Title :   
The New Brown-Driver-Briggs-Gesenius Hebrew-Aramaic Lexicon  !     

This next fact is the opposite of trivia.  
It is a brief, sample proof that the word yahweh cannot be valid.  
Some of you will have to stretch your IQ a little, but it is worth it ! 

The first two letters in "My Holy Name" happen to have a similar capability. 
The first two letters in "My Holy Name" are able to generate any vowel necessary.  
The first two letters in "My Holy Name" happen to have a similar requirement. 
The first two letters in "My Holy Name" 
must always generate, one of the five vowel sounds. 
. . . . . . -must always . . . . .

Let your mind get the significance !    
Other letters behave other ways, 
but these first two consonant letters in > YHWH     
must always generate, one of the five vowel sounds.  
NOTE:  MUST ALWAYS (in the middle of a word/name) 
NOTE:  MUST ALWAYS (in the middle of a word/name) 
NOTE:  MUST ALWAYS (in the middle of a word/name) 
. . . . got it ?  
 . . . . . . . need to hear it again ?  
Other letters behave other ways, 
but these first two consonant letters in > YHWH     
must always generate, one of the five vowel sounds.  
In fact, other consonants  are not required to make so many vowels sounds. 

And every such combo is a syllable.  
Do you need more talk ?  
It is important enough to repeat.    

Since this small fact creates a syllable, we get a word/name 
that results in three sylables in Yah's full Name !   

The magazine 
Biblical Archaeology Review , 
1995, Mar/Apr, Vol.21, No.2, Pg.30, 
provides assertions by a Professor Emeritus, 
that "My Holy Name" [the Tetragrammaton] 
is most certainly three sylables. 

Three syllables are also implied by the adjective in  Ex.3:14 
where Elohim describes Himself as  "I Am who I Am" ! 
Compare the lettering and phonics so you can see for yourself.  
Several authorities, with much more comfort & advantage in life, 
are still ignorant or careless about all this.   
As we just said about this consonant "hey", 
one of five Vowel Sounds are always required to be produced and follow it.  
The sound we want is the one most famous of all here:  "uu" or "uw" sound. 

That Vowel Sound also can follow other letters having Vowel-Points called "qibbuts". 

That Vowel Sound is the one we see in the world-famous name YaHUDaH, i.e. Judah. (Jews) 
That Vowel Sound has been a strong letter in that word for centuries, and also HallelU-YaH !  

That letter "hey" occurs in the TaNaK  a gross total of 84,240 times. 
That letter "hey" occurs in the TaNaK  a gross total of 84,240 times. 

That letter "hey" occurs in the TaNaK  right beside  that  
RED  letter,  13,256 times. 
That letter "hey" occurs in the TaNaK  right beside  that  
RED  letter,  13,256 times.

So these two letters are side-by-side as pairs, 13,256 times throughout the entire TaNaK. OK ? 
So these two letters are side-by-side as pairs, 13,256 times throughout the entire TaNaK. OK ? 

About half of these 13,256-pairs (7,000) just happen to be in His Name > YH
WH !  
About half of these 13,256-pairs (7,000) just happen to be in His Name > YH
WH !  

Never, NEVER,  in all those pairs, can any little Vowel-Points on that consonant letter "hey" 
eliminate the vowel sound which is supposed to follow the  "hey" .   Therefore, . . . . . .
it must exist between the "hey" and the red letter in all those 13,256 places.  
Therefore, there is always a vowel: a, e, i, o, u, following the "hey" in all those 13,256-pairs. 
All these pairs were verified by computer.  

In fact, just as curiosity, we will go back and computer-check all 84,240 occurences of "hey" 
as a total search of Scripture to be sure that there are no exceptions.   
There is about one-chance-in-a-million that you care enough to check them yourself.    

Therefore, again, the word yahweh (not YaHUaH) violates the phonics in the scriptures. 
Can you understand ?  
The evidence is plain enough to correct (or shame) an honest procrastinator. 
Several authorities, with much more comfort & advantage in life, are still careless about all this. 
No challenger has ever once been brave enough to try to prove us wrong on this point. 

     Remember, even the "Mastermind of Hebrew Grammar", says so. 
     His Sourcebook has been republished more than dozens of times since the early 1800's !  
     His talent was a phenomenon; it is applied throughout the world of Hebrew 150yrs later. 

     Are you listening ?;  - do you care ?   

     Gesenius vaguely mentioned some remote possibility that:      
     somewhere, some-day, some Vowel-Sound produced by a "hey" ,     
     might possibly get suppressed during pronunciation       
     if it happened to occur at the conjunction of     
     some very rare hyphenated, compound-Hebrew-name.       
     But > YHWH  is not one of those rare, hyphenated, compound-Hebrew-names.  
     Therefore, (repeat), the word yahweh (not YaHUaH) violates the living phonics 
     examples in the scriptures. 

the  YHWH (from Yemen) mentioned  in a remark above, 
is superior to the invention of  YHVH  by the  (Askenazi).  
The  Waw (from Yemen) sound of this letter is so famous in His Name as "uu" that some 
English texts do write  YHUH  instead of  YHWH !  

Yes, and, it is conceivable to "re-decorate" His REAL Name in verse 15 with vowel points 
so that it  resembles the  "I AM THAT I AM" in verse 14.  

Tradition is very quiet about the fact that at least 
six dozen different Bible names end with "Yahu", and 
two dozen* begin with "Yahu", and, 
two dozen others contain "Yah", and  
derivations with those three were distributed among nearly 400 people and . . . . . ,  
five dozen geographic landmarks in the Middle East today begin or end with "YAH" 
as identified on National Geographic Maps.   

*from: Heb#3058  - to: Heb#3092 


Regardless how you honor the RED letter, be obedient to His real Name, instead of LORD.

Like it or not, you are caught in a "Culture War" as described in The Bible in 1 Kings18:24. 
If you're a scoffer, SCRIPTURE has some tough-talk aimed right at your head.  
That threat is worse than a loaded, cocked, 45cal. gun stuck in your face: 2Thess.2:10,11,12   
Shameful !, how much tough-talk  YaHUaH  has to use to make you listen ! Mal. 2:2,3 

The "Yah" is obviously an essential part in His Name. 
The REAL Holy Spirit will prefer His REAL Holy Name , but a fake hOLY sPIRIT won't. 
Are you brave enough to rob Him of it ? 
We magnify His Name the most by using   YaH  instead of that yeh . . . . . . .
Our Rescuer's Name, (and "joshua's") YaHUShuA, --is a contraction of YaHUaH-Yasha ! 
YaHUaH-Yasha :  
        "The Self-Existent One, Who is the Beginning and the End, -Who is salvation" !  

Just think how jealous/envious those ancient YaHUDIM/Jews would be if they had to call 
Mary's son YaHUaH-Yasha ! ! !  [[[[ like: jehovah-jireh,   jehovah-nissi,   jehovah-rapha]]]] 
If they had heard that the infant's Name would be YaHUaH-Yahsha (a Name above all Names), 
they could have called it blasphemy and attempted violence right there in Bethlehem !  
Note No. 1:  In the Millennium His Name will be YaHUaH-Our Righteousness !  (Jer.23:6) 
Note No. 2:  The angels announced His birth as "Master YaHUaH !"  (Lu.2:11 Aramaic) , 
therefore that word YaHUaH could or should have also been used in about a hundred other 
places in the KJV-NT.  Ex. Luke 4:18
That term "Master YaHUaH !" is speaking Hebrew.  
Those happy angels were not singing in Greek ! 

We urge you to seek & see & claim  truth here and in our book entitled MY HOLY NAME.    
You readers/friends here will be wiser & stronger, like Bereans, than the willingly ignorant. 
You also fulfil/comply with  (Rom.10:19)  if you claim and proclaim His Name.  

Your learning curve (leading to rewards) requires this:  Realize, Repent, Receive, -truth ! 
Human interest is fleeting.  Talk is cheap.   So, . . .  this tries  to be brief. 
Guidance/leading by the Holy Spirit is the most real thing. 
The WORD & the SPIRIT are pure and their counsel here will edify you by Love & for Love. 
We flex our courage to bring you faint truth amidst hostilities. 

Let's use you in a parable. 
In the Operating Room, surgeons and their facilities can only do so much.  
Your Body must co-operate.  

You're there now, spiritually, and your Spirit component must co-operate.     
TenderLovingCare by nurses, whether as a compliment or warning,  can only do so much.   
Even the CREATOR HIMSELF has serious limits.   
True, He is the Author & Finisher of our faith, but he lets our affections remain voluntary.   
Scripture tells us over & over that His Name is precious, and vital to Salvation.  
But He won't make us care or have affections.  
Affections are left voluntary and  are a transparent measure (naked; Heb. 4:13) of us, to Him.  
Advice to non-fools: Ex.20:7 !  "He that loveth me not, keepeth not my sayings" Jn.14:24a     
-that "sin is STILL a transgression of the TORAH !"  Rom.3:31; -7:14 ; 1 John 3:4 

Fools are disposable like roaches (no love lost) :  Prov. 1:25,26 !   

Our private prayer is that you won't pro-claim it without the affection that is part of it.   .

And YaHUShuA answered and said unto them, "Take heed that no man deceive you" Matt.24:4 
And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, 
which deceiveth the whole world."  Rev.12:9
                      which deceiveth the whole world: 

I'm never allowed to call you a fool.   
But, dear soul, (silly or average or hateful), what other word fits, if you desire your petty name 
to be in YaH's Book of Life but you don't desire His Majestic Name in your life ?   
Your abject ignorance is not your fault, -not originally.     
Blame disobedient men (Philip. 3:2) who may get publicly whipped (Luke 12:47,48,49).
The second most dangerous thing on earth is a diverted/perverted religious authority.  
See for yourself:  1 Kings 12:28 - 13:ALL.
Whoever gets deceived will join the scenery, like the floating corpses which Noah had to ignore: 
irretrievable & forgotten.  

Yes !  Sure !  Of course !  
"The joy of  YaHUaH  is our strength !"  Hallelu-YAH ! 
(-not scoldings and life as a colorless drudge !)
But/And His Name is among the  TOP TEN  joys & strengths & commands ! !  
This sin-cursed world is now invaded by unrepentance and death.  
But when they're gone, we can navigate with delight/respect/jubilation ! 

All this is so plain to see,  so magnificent,  -I just wanna  shout and say 
"Don't you get it ?"   
Then it dawns that you cannot "get it" if you never hear what YaH means.  
You cannot enjoy the value of His Name until you hear what YaH means !    
Think of what it means when you say it and you almost start "a new journey of love", in life !    
Yah means:  THE SELF-EXISTENT ONE !   
ELOHIM ALMIGHTY ["Let Us Make . . ."] made this little planet, this solar system,  
this galaxy, and all this universe, speedily, . . . but He doesn't inhabit it. 
His "habitation" is outside/independent of it.  
He inhabits eternity, and retains sovereign authority over everything.   Is. 57:15 ! 
. . . . . . . . . . . . . [[[ exception: He cannot make us love Him ]]]
You cannot enjoy the value of His Name until you rely on what YaH means !    
If you rely on what it means when you say it, you almost start "a new journey of love" !    

We must submit to Him that way !   
The comfort is that He is a very competent daddy and shepherd.  

Now for the meaning of "Halleluia".  
Churchpeople and the whole world has heard that word and shout it when they rejoice. 
BUT they have been left dumb & ignorant by leaders who stay aloof and fear little peers. 
Religious Authorities can joke & collect money during your time to sing in worship,  
BUT they have left you looking dumb & ignorant about the Name of your Elohim !  Pathetic.    
Now for the meaning of "Halleluia".   
It means:  "PRAISE BE TO YAH !!!"   -or "PRAISE YAH !!!" 
Numerous big Bible Bookstores make money using the word "Halleluia" in advertising, but they 
don't know about its true meaning, and don't wanna know and disregard it after they're told. 
They only want the MONEY from it !!!    . . . . . . . just go away, . . . . go tell somebody else !  
Whoever won't "Fear" & "Revere" His Name is not led by the Spirit, but grieves the Spirit.  
As for "Fear" and "Revere" His Name, we're also expected to tremble at His Word.  
No other noun in Scripture, -no other topic in the Ten Commandments, occurs more often. 
His basics are few and simple and paramount and binding, without non-sense.  REPEAT. 

At this point, consider these brief distinctions : 
                                       Hallelu-YaH    means    "Praise be to YaH !"   
                           Judah (YaHU-DaH)    means    "YaH, I will praise !"   (Gen.29:34) 
                                            YaDaH    means    "Praise with the hands" 

YaHUaH means:  "The Self-Existent One, Who is the Beginning and the End".  
YaHUShuA means:  "The Self-Existent One, Who is Salvation". 
Yes, of course, the letter "w" looks awkward or superfluous in His Name but we here retain it 
to show that in the Hebrew spelling, a Hebrew letter exists right there.  
It is the one called (not vav), but is called a "waw".  



A brief word to students to consider  "I Am   that   I Am" :   

  • The repeated word there in Exodus 3:14 is:  Heb.#1961 (both of them) 
  • The repeated word there in Exodus 3:14 is:   #1961  that  #1961 !  . . . . or . . . . 
  • The repeated word there in Exodus 3:14 is:   #1961  who  #1961 ! 
  • The repeated word there in Exodus 3:14 is:  haYAH   (think:   haYAH   who is   haYAH).
  • There is also this resemblance:  The YAH who is The YAH. 
  • So then, that said,  "AH" is not "EH".     Repeat:  The "AH" is not "EH".     
  • The Hebrew there is never read as:  The Yeh  who is  The Yeh.    DO YOU SEE IT ?
  • (It could mean:   "I am who I am"   or    "I will be   whatever   I want to be".)
  • (It could mean:   "The Self-Existent One   who is   The Self-Existent One".) 
  • "Yah" prevails in Ps.68:4b, and in Hallelu-YAH, and many places like this, firmly, forever !! 
  • Hebrew #3050 , "YaH" ,  is known to mean:  "The Self-Existent One". 
  • Hebrew #3050 , "YaH" ,  is the "acceptable contraction" of YaHUaH (apart from YaHUaH) 
  • and is distributed throughout the book of Psalms & Isaiah dozens and dozens of times.

Dumb Detractors may "bet my life" on their position, but won't "bet their own life" !   ha !
Dumb Detractors get real uncharitable when pressed for their exact procedure for phonics.
All you have to do is test them and see for yourself.         
(Certain Scriptures declare and explain the source of that evil-eye uncharitableness.)             

Scripture specifies: "Name above all Names" , -not "Title above all Titles" ! 
Scripture specifies: "no other Name",  -not "no other Title" ! 
Scripture specifies  "Name" so repeatedly that Authorities (and you) are foolish to deny it.  
D.R.A.  stubbornly substitute the word "Title" even tho Scripture says "Name", repeatedly.  

Do you know about the warning:  "fear and trembling" ?   
-ya reckon G-d watched His only Son squirm in your place but now He's just kiddin' ?  
Let's hope that Name means "person" too, but the door on Noah's Ark wasn't kiddin' !  

Please consider:  Matt. 7:21, 22, 23 ! ! !   

YaHUaH wants His Name DECLARED worldwide.  Ex.9:16 ; Rom.9:17 
Are you really, -really going to leave that up to us ? 
Don't quibble & mutter that G-d scrambled the languages and it just doesn't matter anymore. 
The Host Himself, YaHUShuA, said His Word would never pass away.
Even Common Sense says we should honor the same Sabbath and Holy Name like Him. 
It is endearing to YaHUaH when we acknowledge His Supreme Sovereignty by His Name.  
AS HIS IMAGE, YOU too favor/protect/reward those who love you the most.   
His Word has told us to diligently seek Him and His ways and learn to love Him.   
We will or we won't.   There is no Plan B or second chance. 

You could call Him YaHUaH which means 
"The Self-Existent One, Who is the Beginning and the End". 
You could call Him YaHUShuA which means: 
"The Self-Existent One, Who is Salvation". 
(You who misquote the truth in these Majestic Restorations will be ashamed.) 
Prov.25:2 ; Deu.29:29 "The fear of YaHUaH is the beginning of wisdom" Ps.111:10 

I prefer:  
"YaH bless you";   "YaH bless America";   "One Nation under YaH ";   
"In YaH We Trust" ! ;    "YaH is good";    "Hallelu-YaH ! ;    "Thank YaH !";   
"YaH is still on the throne"  or  "Thank you Abba !".    

These expressions are more accurate and endearing and less generic, and fully acceptable !  
Original Hebrew scripture uses the acceptable contraction "YaH" repeatedly. (Psalms & Isaiah)

  Malachi  2:2,3 ; Acts 4:12 ; 2 Cor.2:10,11,12 ; Matt. 23:39  
 "Give unto YaHUaH the glory due unto His Name; . . . ."  Ps. 29:2
"O magnify YaHUaH with me, and let us exalt His Name together !"  Ps.34:3 
YaH's Name & Title & Pronoun are all different, but some co-exist in about 100 verses ! 
INFALLIBLE CLAIM: a heart-to-heart rapport with Abba will care about His Name, YaHUaH !
INFALLIBLE BOAST: He plans to get every rebel's attention, whatever it takes. Ps.44:8, Rom.14:11
INFALLIBLE WARNING: you're a rebel to  Luke 10:27 &  Deu.6:5 & 11:1 &  Rom.9:17,  if you won't do it.      
INFALLIBLE TRUTH:  Bible bastards, Heb.12:8, would impose "INEFFABLE" contrary to Ex.9:16 & Rom.9:17   
INFALLIBLE TRUTH: The masses deprived of His Name cannot glorify & exalt it until it is restored & declared !  
INFALLIBLE TRUTH:  "Jesus's" & "Joshua's" names are spelled alike and originate in Num.13:16 & Deu.3:21     
INFALLIBLE TRUTH:  To "hunger & thirst after righteousness" includes a desire for the Ten Commandments.    
INFALLIBLE TRUTH:  School kids can exert more insight in these matters, - than well-paid, fool, menpleasers.   
INFALLIBLE TRUTH:  You who desire & declare & defend His Name, are under the influence of the Holy Spirit !
The Greek & Aramaic say Passover, not Easter.  "The natural man receiveth-not the things of the Spirit !"  1Cor.2:14 

Would you fool with that ? 
2 Thess. 2:10,11,12 ;   Is.66:4 ;   Prov.1:24-30 ;   Jer. 9:24 
Scripture mentions Hell more than Heaven,
-and YaH's Anger more than YaH's Love.  
Get serious !  Matt.13:12   
We provide many legal Scriptures to prove that we serve you with care.    In fact, this is "Holy Ground" and does require prayer, from the heart, for truth, before reading.  
But if you ever "see" & claim & assert YaHUaH, you will be much less welcome on Sundays. John 16:2 ; Rev.18:4  !  
Regardless of  Disobedient Religious Authorities, OUR DECLARATION of His Name rejoices  like one who received a holy exemption from a destructive delusion !  Rom.9:17 !  HallelU- YaH !   A Good Book (or website) will convey truth and love,  Scripturally.   Proud,- NEVER !  Bitter, -NEVER !   The Ques. and Comments we receive are all sensible and most welcome.  TRUTH here is a very costly effort, -to serve you, freely !  The Scriptures will ask you to serve them.  It is provided with love & prayers, to show you hidden truth, and to thank Abba for all His Kindness to us.  We want our friends to be strong.
Protect your ordained right to critical thinking & spiritual discernment, -by prayerfully comparing Scriptures.  We sure do.

If Scripture requires the NAME of our creator as a component of Salvation, then it is a very "weighty matter" !    
Acts 20:27 ;  26:14 ;  4:12 ;  9:15 ; Heb.10:16 !
Our best audience is sincere, Born-Again, profitable-servants. ["Darkness comprehendeth it not"]     Treasures here are truly invisible unless you "hunger and thirst after righteousness".    Mk.8:33     Your "baptism-by-fire"  & "hunger-&-thirst" is truly voluntary.   Either you have it or you don't !!!     Your interest in His Name, will vary directly with your level of love, for your sacrificed Rescuer.  
BUT . . . you folks who see His truth and don't want it .  beware !   YaHUaH had to watch His Only Begotten Son squirming in precious blood, all day (in our place).   YaHUaH, Elohim Almighty, put it in His Scriptures that :
He will send "bait" which will "lure" disposable, unrepentant
people into damnation !   2 Thess. 2:10,11,12
Page after page after page of the Scriptures tries to persuade
people to get serious.  Matt.13:12 !   Damnation is forever.  Blubbering truth-resisters can't sneer then ! 

For Comments, Questions and e-book copies  >>>>   EMAIL:  PREACHER@MyHolyName.com 
NOTE: This website is also aka:  www.MyHolyName.com

For Comments, Questions and e-book copies  >>>>   EMAIL:  PREACHER@MyHolyName.com 
NOTE: This website is also aka: 

Punks are belligerent and are under-developed concerning YaH's name    Hello Punk ! 
This list shames every stubborn Punk.   This list is a genuine 'Punk-Chaser'.      Rev. 22:11b  !  
This list shows hundreds of examples where that Hebrew letter  "U"  is spoken with emphasis.

This list collects all examples where that Hebrew letter appears as the second or third letter of a word.  
The upper list shows 359 words with that letter as the third letter in the word.  
The lower list shows 227 words with that letter as the second letter in the word. 

NON-FOOLS can examine those numbers in STRONG's and be pleased to see that the sound is "U" or "oo".   Punks cannot endure the evidence.
Strong's Exhaustive Concordance, since 1880, shows converts where to find any verse in the Scriptures.
It is a big book, and there in the back it has two SECTIONS:  a Hebrew & a Greek Dictionary.
All these REAL BIBLE PROOF numbers are attached to some Hebrew word in that Hebrew Dictionary.

Go to the SECTION called Hebrew Dictionary and look at the word beside any of these numbers. 
There near the beginning of the word you can always see  the  "U"  sound !    

The Dictionary is so great and famous, that I should not have to explain it.
Every convert in America should already know about the book, even silly teenagers.
You should go see that the examples are fine Punk-Chasing PROOFS !

Dullards & feeble-minded who love & defend His Name will rule over you educated punks
who choose to defend tradition such as LORD & jesus & yeshua !                Happy Day !   

The term "HALLELU YaH" is not listed above because it is not one Hebrew word, but is two.  
Hallelu-YaH is spelled in the New Testament like one word "Alleluia" and appears only in Revelation
The authentic Hebrew Hallelu-YaH is seen in Ps.150 as two separate words.

Wikipedia explains HALLELUYAH this way . . . . . . .
the Hebrew word "hallel" is ::  (second-person imperative masculine plural form of the Hebrew verb hallal :
it is an exhortation to "praise", addressed to several people) ; and the "YAH"  names:: (the God Jah or Yah ).

(You are scheduled to kneel-down to His   TRUE   Name  [either in admiration or in shame]!)  Philip. 2:10 KJV 
(No wonder "G-d Almighty" is sorry He ever made you, if you don't even want His Name.) Gen.6:6 ; Rom.1:28 KJV  
So . . . . "The wicked watcheth the righteous and seeketh to slay him."   Ps.37:32 KJV 
So . . . . "The righteous watcheth the wicked and seeketh to save him."  HEROYAHU


    W    E    B    S    I    T    E         T    O    P    I    C    S